Top 7 Benefits of Email Hosting Solutions for Your Business

Despite the increasing popularity of instant messaging, email still remains a vital tool for personal and business communication. In fact, in the past couple of years, more and more companies have been relying on email marketing to boost their revenue and drive business growth.

But despite the value it brings, many companies still refrain from investing in a premium email solution, opting instead to use free hosting services for their email needs. Although this would be fine for personal correspondence, these advertisement-fueled emails don’t do much when it comes to improving credibility and establishing brand identity afforded to companies with a unique business email ID.

In order to get the most out of business email hosting, the best thing you could do is outsource it to a reliable hosting solutions provider. This article covers the core principles of business email hosting and the top seven benefits thet email hosting services can offer your organization.

What Is Business Email Hosting?

Email hosting solutions are companies that “rent out” email servers to clients who wish to have their own unique business email ID. Compared to free versions, premium business email servers offer flexibility – not to mention a more professional impression – to businesses and professionals alike.

With premium email, both incoming and outgoing mail is managed by either a dedicated server or a separate shared one. It is not the typical end-user email from webmail sites and it caters to most of the demands of small- and medium-sized companies.

Top 7 Benefits of Securing Premium Email Hosting Services

Getting your own email hosting means you’ll have to spend more money on equipment and additional employees. Plus, the upkeep is more challenging for IT personnel who have more tasks to attend to than just managing incoming and outgoing email consistently.

This also puts your organization at risk of software and hardware problems, virus infections, or worse, cyberattacks. These can lead to email failure that can last several hours to several days, which can ultimately cause delays in your business operations.

Not sure if securing premium email hosting services fits your business needs? Here are its top seven benefits to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Cost-Efficiency

As mentioned earlier, having your own in-house email hosting means you’ll need to set aside a portion of your revenue to pay for expensive equipment and additional IT staff.

To break this down, you would need:

  • Several experts to handle email management
  • A couple of mail servers to cover all of your employee’s emails
  • Software applications that are capable of filtering out viruses and spam
  • A secure firewall to protect your business data

Although bigger organizations are capable of investing in this type of set-up without much problem, SMEs may find it more challenging and impractical. This is where email hosting solutions come in.

With email hosting services, you get to have your business emails hosted without the need to expend valuable resources and time. It is also a lot more practical than purchasing infrastructure and recruiting more members of the IT department to maintain it.

The bottom line? Email hosting solutions allow you to focus on more important aspects of the business while still reaping the benefits of an excellent business email.

   2. Bolstered Security

With most transactions now done via a wireless connection, data protection should be a priority for most organizations and sectors. Emails alone contain plenty of sensitive information that might put people at risk of fraud and other illegal activities.

With hackers and other cyber criminals employing more sophisticated tactics as the years pass, it is high time that you determine how well you’re equipped for cyber attacks. This way, you can ensure that all your sensitive business data is tucked away in a secure digital vault.

Fortunately, email hosting services can help you accomplish this. Upon signing in to a webmail account, all data processed through the server is encrypted until the time you sign out. Some email hosting solution companies use 128-bit encryption in servers to ensure secure webmail access.

This will bolster the filtering out of unauthorized access, with the entire data transition fully encrypted. This effectively keeps highly sensitive information safe and prevents leakage that can compromise both individuals and entire organizations.

   3. Trust and Authority

Technicalities aside, another advantage premium email IDs have over free ones is their ability to establish trust and authority. Remember that people are more likely to pay attention to an email address connected to the company’s domain name rather than one made using free email services.

   4. Protection Against Spam and Viruses

A reliable email host is also capable of blocking infected emails even before it can reach your message inbox. This is a huge upgrade from the spam reporting and virus scanning for attachment in free emails that may have an outdated virus database.

   5. Expansive Storage Space

Storage space is another major concern for companies that use free email services. Since they are not paid for, these webmail services limit the capacity to only a couple of megabytes per email. This means you’ll need to choose emails to delete – something that might be counterproductive for growing SMEs.

With premium business email hosting, you’re given the opportunity to expand your storage space when necessary. Aside from offering a significantly higher storage capacity upfront, some email hosting services can also provide you with a choice to upgrade or downgrade, depending on your company’s specific needs.

   6. Increased Productivity Beyond Messaging

Although messaging is the primary function of emails, it is no longer the only thing it is good for. In fact, there are a couple of things that premium emails can help you do that can boost your productivity.

With the use of robust platforms, you and your employees can become more efficient with tools that make scheduling meetings more effective. Plus, they make sharing contact information, files, and calendars easier.

In short, you’ll get to streamline all your communication necessities within your email.

   7. Accessibility

Another useful perk a good business email hosting solution offers is accessibility. Aside from reducing downtime, being able to access the hosted email anytime and anywhere can empower employees, making it possible to accomplish tasks outside the office. And with the right credentials, only authorized personnel can access data without compromising security.

The Solution to Your Email Needs

Emailing has gone way beyond just sending messages – it is now a crucial tool for business success. To solve your email hosting needs, consider outsourcing to a reliable IT solutions company that offers not only good business email hosting services but also excellent after-sales customer service.


Sharon Mallorca is the Sales Manager at Create IT in Dubai. Established by innovative digital agency Create Media Group, Create IT has rapidly become the Middle East’s leading IT Support and IT Solutions company, providing the highest quality IT support and services to a growing portfolio of global brands.

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