Top 5 things to know about cell phone spy software

Cell phone spy software, although, is not a new thing for most of the people today, but there are many who still do not know much about it. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the very important things which you must know about a cell spy software, in case you decide to use such an app for monitoring your kid or any of your employees.

Before I go ahead to explain some other important things, it is quite important to first define what a cell phone spy software is.A cell phone spy software is an application program, which you may use to monitor all the activities a person performs through his smartphone, such as monitoring phone calls, reading messages and emails, and tracking location. These software programs are available for all the popular operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Moreover, many companies also offer such monitoring apps which also work on iPads and Tablet PCs.

Having defined a spy software in precise words, it will be quite handy if we discuss some of the important aspects of a cell phone spy software.


The first thing is what a cell phone spy software may do. Although the apps available in the market vary a great deal with regard to the features they offer to the end user, there are some of the features which are present in all the popular cell phone monitoring software programs. A cell phone spy software may let you:

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls of the targeted cell phone.
  • Intercept live calls, recording the phone calls, and saving the recorded clip over the internet.
  • Read text messages and e-mails of the targeted cell phone.
  • Access the contacts’ database, photos, and videos present on the targeted cell phone.
  • Read the calendar entries and appointments noted on the targeted cell phone.
  • Monitor the communication made over social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

These features are not exhaustive, but are some of the common features which are offered by most of the cell phone monitoring apps available in the market.

Legal matters

Most people think that spying on somebody is not legal at all, while others do not deem it as illegal. The fact is that the rules regarding mobile phone monitoring vary with geographical locations, which means that it is legal to monitor somebody’s cell phone in some areas, while it is illegal in some other area. However, you need to make sure two important things if you need to monitor somebody’s smartphone:

  • You must be the owner of the cell phone you need to monitor.
  • You need to acquire written consent of the person you need to monitor.

Remember, monitoring somebody’s cell phone without his permission is encroachment in his/her privacy, and is a crime according to the privacy laws prevailing in most of the countries of the world.

Remote installation:

Well, most companies today claim that the apps they offer can be remotely installed on the targeted cell phone. But the reality is that a cell phone spy software cannot be installed on the targeted cell phone from a remote location, and physical access to the targeted mobile is a must. This is due to a number of reasons, some of which are enlisted here:

  • Installation process may include such actions which require human interaction, and cannot be performed remotely.
  • iPhone needs to be jailbreak and the Android needs to be rooted in case you need to install a cell phone spy software on an iOS or Android smartphone. This, obviously, cannot be done from a remote location.
  • Certain configuration steps involved in the installation process may also require human interaction.

So do remember that no valid cell phone monitoring app can be installed on a device from a remote location.

Scam companies:

It is a known fact that many scam companies are also in the business of the cell phone spy software programs. These companies only collect money from you, but do not provide you with any service, or just provide an under-rated service, or provide the said service for a short period of time. Whenever you visit a website of any mobile software, do consider the look of the website. Does the website give a professional look? Does it provide information to you rather than tempting you to buy the software? If yes, then the company is not a scam at all.

Making a choice:

Yes, there are many apps which are available, which vary a great deal with respect to the features offered and the price packages. Before selecting an app, you need to consider that on which operating system you desire to install a cell phone spy software. You may also need to look thatwhich of the features you want in such an app, and more importantly, you need to design your budget in which you need to buy a cell spy app.

Cell phone spy software is one of the latest advancements of the modern era, which if used constructively, can reap a lot of good to you. However, you need to know the important facts mentioned above before you actually decide to buy.

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