Top 5 Running Applications for Using While You Can Stay Healthy

There are different applications that you can download from the apps store and other sites. There are application that can help you in running and jogging for your heart and health. You will find five of them here.

The Cardio Trainer: This app has got its different features that you can personalize and there are setting that you can use for this purpose. The app will be able to work stable from Motorola and HTC Incredible and has got accurate sense of speed and distance. The interface is clean and easy to use from the time you can use it. The app gives you a map of the route and this can be viewed from the streets also. The maps and the accuracy of the routes that you take are show with every precision. It has a music player and feedback and a particular feature that records the distance covered while running.

Run Keeper: This is another of those android apps and this does not have personalization option but it is good at social networking. There are different fitness groups and running groups who are using FaceBook or Twitter and you can share your experience or compete with the others through the networking sites. You will find the mapping feature in this app too and you can view the map at all time during your working out period. These free apps can therefore be used for the purpose of jogging from your android and you can start gaining a better health with the help of the app.

Run Tastic: This is another app that is very much similar to the first app mentioned here and this app is geared for your cardio exercises and you can easily stamrt to run and jog with this app or else you can use the bike or simply start to hike from a particular place for getting the benefit of exercising. The interface is user friendly and easy to use. The mapping is another feature that is very accurate and has got different ways to show the way that you are taking. The map will be viewed after you have completed your exercise and so you will have to look at it after your work out is done.

Run Star: The apps is new in the market and has got its features that are coming soon mentioned in the pages of the apps. The recent version of the app will track the way that you are running and record the time. The app will bring in features that will give you information like how much you have been running and the distance that you have covered. The pace of running is also going to be noted and you can get the feature from the app later in future. These features are going to be introduced and the app has to be checked for the proper utilization of the features.

Keep Running: This is another of such application that you can work with for the running or jogging exercises that you want to do regularly. There is an option that you can set the speed with which you want to run or walk and if you want to set the speed of your bike, you can do so too. The built in GPS of the application gives you the idea if you are running within your set limit of speed or it is lower than the set limit. When you go a little slow than the speed that you want, the built in music will shut down and then you will be able to speed up consciously.


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