Top 5 Resources for Dance Music Producers

Music production is indeed an enjoyable activity that one could engage in not only as a way to pass the time but also to make money. A career in music production can be very competitive, this calls for producers to be quite creative in every aspect, so as to stay relevant in the music industry. Top-notch producers have managed to break the internet with their work by ensuring that they have all the resources deemed necessary for music production at their disposal. The resources range from software, hardware equipment to intellectual property that enhances music production.

5 Resources for Dance Music Producers

  1. Music Production Training

First and foremost, if you want to venture into music production, there is a need to undertake comprehensive training that will acquaint you with key skills in music production. Skills are a paramount resource in music production because they will enhance your ability to use various tools of music production, and this will give you a competitive advantage over other untrained producers. Proper music production training will also equip you with skills on the recording, mixing, software, and learning different musical instruments.

There are a number of schools that offer dance music classes for upcoming producers. They learn how to come up with different beats for dance music and control the tempos as well.

  1. Music Studio Tools

Having the right tools for music production is another key resource that you need to properly undertake music production. Some of the studio tools that you need to have when undertaking production includes an audio interface, microphones, and monitors, headphones, MIDI Keyboards, and control surfaces, among others. Each of the tools mentioned has their unique roles in production, and they need to be in the best quality. It is important to note that these are the same tools that one has to undergo some form of training so that they can comfortably use them.

  1. Music Production Software

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) refers to application software that is used in recording, editing, and producing audio files. In music production, DAWs have made it possible to make beats and enhanced the arts of songwriting, mastering and mixing, applying effects on audios and also employ virtual instruments that enhance music samples. Some of the commonly used DAWs used by top producers include Presonus Studio One 4, Cakewalk SONAR, FL Studio, Steinberg Cubase, Avid Pro Tools, MOTU Digital Performer, Propellerhead Reason, Apple Logic Pro, and Ableton Live

  1. Sample Packs and Synth Presets

Sample packs refer to a collection of sounds made up of loops and one-shots that aid producers in music production. The sample packs and synth presets feature controls for quick, intuitive editing, and creative sonic transformation. The sample packs and presets enhance music production by enabling one to be creative through various ways such as making extreme pitch transformations, slice and dice vocals, diversifying drums, textural stretching and making audio to MIDI moves. You can create several music samples using a sample pack for future music production.

  1. Record Room

A quiet room that is away from excessive noise is another vital resource that is required in music production. The room should be acoustically treated to remove any form of reverberation to ensure there is minimal or no noise interference from the outside. This room or ‘studio’ should only be able to capture the voice of the artist recording their music. This way, the producers can easily incorporate the recorded voice with the chosen beat to create a piece of perfect dance music.

The resources discussed are quite vital in enhancing music production. These are, therefore, a must-have for every dance music producer who wants to be outstanding in their production work.