Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Tablet


What can a tablet provide that your everyday laptop or smartphone will not be able to deliver? With the latest advancement in technology and devices released every now and then, some people are probably still gauging whether buying a tablet would be a wise move or not, especially since some are a bit expensive.

While some consider it as luxury, others are seeing it now as a necessity. It can make life easier for those people who are always working on the go. They need to have something that is portable, lightweight and as versatile as a laptop and a smartphone combined.

With the latest innovations in tablets, these devices can be more advanced than your laptop or PC. And since it’s always best to have the best of both worlds, there are a lot of tablets that has texting and calling capabilities.

If you still need more convincing, listed below are top 5 reasons why you need a tablet:

  • Portability – When it comes to being portable, tablet beats those heavy and bulky laptops, hands down. Tablets are comparatively very lightweight and easy to carry around. Reaching for your tablet, swiping and browsing takes less time than using your everyday laptop. And although laptops are already considered as mobile devices, they can get hot over a period of time. While you can browse through your smartphones, tablets does offer more comfort for your eyes since it’s nice to be able to view something at a larger screen as opposed to a smaller one.
  • Increase Productivity – Although one would always prefer a laptop or PC to draft out pages of proposals and presentations, a tablet is very useful in performing basic work tasks such as checking mail, managing schedules and even creating short letters. One can simply leave their mail open and get instant notification when an important email is received.
  • Entertainment – Many people are getting tablets because it not only offers help with work but also can be great for entertainment. Since tablets are just really big screens, it’s very ideal for browsing videos or watching shows. Tablets are also great for games which you can download on the Apple store or the Android market. Anyone would agree that playing with a 10” screen is a more enjoyable experience than playing at your 3.5-inch smartphone.
  • Versatility – Games, movies and music are not the only things you can download in your tablet. There many applications out there that would be compatible with your every need. From file organizers to syncing applications, there are a lot options to choose from to make everything easier to manage. Tablets are great for people who wants the functionality that their laptops provide but and the portability that a smart phone offers.
  • Extended Battery Life – A laptop can last from 2-4 hours depending on the work load. But a tablet provides extended battery life, which means there’s a lot of time to finish more tasks. A tablet can last up to a full day’s use compared to several hours a laptop can offer. If a device can last until a work day ends, then it’s a product worth investing.

There are a lot of advantages that a tablet offers and a product that is definitely worth having whether you’re going to use it for business of pleasure or for personal use only.