Top 5 Games for Android Phones

Android phones undeniably belong in the latest fads nowadays. Not only because it’s new, but because it is packed with numerous features that not only regular people would enjoy but also businessmen who need mobile phones that have good and efficient features and are capable of operating applications that could be of good use to their busy world. Aside from having services from a few of the most reliable VoIP service providers including RingCentral, android phones are also best installed with the various games available in the market today.


1.)    Angry Birds

When talking about games for touch screened phones, the first thing that would come to the minds of users would be “Angry birds”. Originally created as a computer installed game, one can now download the game from various sites. The game comes with different versions wherein some are free and some are paid. What makes it interesting is the several levels one needs to pass through to finish the game. It is considered addictive by many gamers because as the levels go up, the difficulty level becomes higher as well.

2.)    Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is another mostly played game by Android users. Players would need to cut certain ropes in order for the frog to eat the pebble held by the ropes. Just like the Angry Birds, it is also designed to have several interesting levels that not only children but also adults would get hooked with.

3.)    Temple Run 2

Temple Run has been another craze since its first version. It is widely played by IOS and Android users as it is addictive and challenging. Although at first glance it does not look so interesting, many players spend several hours facing their phones playing it. The game is all about the character Jack trying to steal the IDOL. The monsters that are chasing Jack, which is manipulated by the player makes the game thrilling. Points are also acquired from the amount of distance travelled (ran) by the player. Extra points are also acquired from grabbing gold coins, unlocking characters and grasping new abilities.

4.)    Need For Speed

From PC to PS2, Need For Speed is now compatible with Android phones. Racers are now able to play in their phones and enjoy drag races, race cars and pursuit sequence like the Porsche 911, Viper GTS and many more. Although the game is not at all free like the other famed games available today, many are still purchasing it because of the undeniable fun one could experience from playing it.

5.)    Asphalt 7

Another car racing game that android users get addicted to is the Asphalt 7. One of the many reasons why the game is played by many is the graphics of the game. With vivid display, one will surely enjoy racing on its different tracks, and even the Dirty Race. It is also packed with several racing locations that are based on real cities all over the world. With a seeder app, one will be able to play it smoothly making the game experience even more interesting.

Because of the great demand from users, producers and creators of android phones make sure that they are able to improve and create more efficient applications every now and then. With all the features, great applications and these available fun games that Android users are able to purchase and play for free, it is not anymore a question why android phones are widely sold and used today.

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