Top 5 Best iPad Keyboards

There is no doubt that iPads are great for people on the go. It is a wonderful device for many things, however, most consider it as an entertainment tool rather than for work of school, especially when compared to the things you can do with a laptop. But now, nothing is too impossible to achieve. With an iPad, one can actually get real work done provided that you are equipped with the right tools to go with it.

Wireless keyboards for iPads are definitely a great help for those who needs a lot of typing done but at the same time, needs to be mobile. There are a lot of iPad keyboards out there that is durable and affordable. Listed below are five picks for the best iPad keyboards to go with your tablet.ipad-keyboard

  • Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard – Priced for only $99, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard is probably the thinnest out there right now in the market. It is a combined keyboard, cover and a stand in one. The cover protects the front of the iPad and then connects like a Smart cover when the user is ready to use the keyboard. The keyboard boasts of up to 6 months of battery life, which means it can be used for 2 hours per day. The Logitech keyboard also has iPad-specific keys for search, copy/paste and music playback. It also comes in different colors such as white, black and red.
  • Zagg Folio – Another affordable wireless keyboard priced at $99. The Zagg Folio is another combined cover and keyboard with a slim trim that manage to fit iPads perfectly. Simply slide the iPad to your Zagg Folio to get some work done. Thanks to the built-in stand, users can adjust the screen angle for better positioning. The keys feel solid and are comfortable to use. The keyboard is detachable if you won’t be needing it, giving the iPad a slimmer case.
  • Logitech Tablet Keyboard – For only $69, one can avail the wireless Logitech keyboard for their iPads. It consists of a cover that doubles as a stand for the iPad and the wireless keyboard for typing. Although it’s just a keyboard, some users may prefer this one for its sturdy feel. Apart from that, the Logitech Tablet keyboard has the iPad specific keys for function and Bluetooth connectivity. It also supports the landscape and portrait mode.
  • The Brydge – This iPad keyboard is on the pricey side ranging from $130-$210. But there must be something special with the product that’s why it’s more expensive that the others. For starters, The Brydge isn’t made from the typical plastic case, instead it is made of solid polycarbonate. The original Brydge was made up of anodized aluminum to give serious protection for your device. The Brydge has a clamp that connects with your iPad to cover the screen without damaging it. Brydge also features Bluetooth speakers that connect with the keyboard, giving users a more enjoyable music experience.
  • ClamCase – The ClamCase earned a lot of following since it was released shortly after the iPad was launched. Prices range from $149-$169, so it’s a bit on the pricey side but nonetheless durable. It is a full-body iPad case with a stand, cover and the Bluetooth keyboard. Your iPad is safely protected inside the top of the ClamCase the body which is made of polycarbonate keeping the iPad safe from scratches.

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