Top 5 Apps for New and Established Entrepreneurs

It is so much easier to start up your own business today. There are just so many tools available to make life easier.

In fact, even established entrepreneurs can stop and take a look at the current tools available in the market and see if it has the potential to improve their efficiency and productivity.

So whether you are just setting up your business, or if you are an established entrepreneur, here are 5 tools that you should try for your business.


This is a task management tool that makes your life easier by simply organizing it. This app acts as a central hub for all the collaboration needed on a project. The app allows your team to discuss the project, set deadlines, and take notes at a centralized place. No lost mails, no more sticky notes, and no more missed information. Everyone will always be on the same page.

Card Munch

Even with all the advancement in technology, the business card is still an integral part of business networking. This app melds the traditional and the modern by allowing you to save the important contact information from a business card by simply taking a picture of it with your smartphone. After the photo is taken, the app will convert that information into phone contacts.


You can project a bigger image by having a phone system that manages your calls like large corporations do. But instead of opting for expensive on-premise PBX systems, you can opt for a cloud hosted system that is not only less expensive but is arguably better as well. All calls will be answered by an auto-attendant then transferred to virtual extensions. The cloud phone system also allows companies to customize greetings and on-hold music. It is also accessible through free apps for iPhone and Android devices giving users more mobility.


This is a very easy to use and paperless way to track your manpower’s hours. Whether you are just starting up or growing your workforce, this cloud time tracking app can track, manage, and report employee times. This is especially helpful for the Human Resources department or those who handle compensations and benefits. So say goodbye to punch cards and say hello to a more efficient way to manage your employee’s work schedule.


Managing your company’s finances can be daunting especially if you do not have an accounting background. Fortunately there’s InDinero, your one-stop solution for all your accounting needs. From taxes to payroll, this app takes care of it. What it does is continuously pull information from your credit cards and bank accounts to give you the status of your business finances. Through this, your accounting needs are now on auto-pilot.

One of the traits you need to cultivate as an entrepreneur is adapting to changes. These tools give you a unique opportunity to adapt new tools that can improve your business. Now it is up to you to try it for yourself.