Top 5 Action Camera Accessories – Make the Most of Your GoPro

Action-cams are specially built digital camera that you can use to capture any action or sport moments. This is the reason why the camera is also known as sport cameras. So, sports cameras in general and GoPro, in particular, are known for their robust performance. They are lightweight, easy to carry and easy to mount. So it becomes easier for the users (or photographers) to mount it anywhere they want. Most of the GoPro models are also known for their waterproof features. So you can also use them to shoot underwater footages.

The bottom line is you can use it for capturing almost anything but you will also need some additional accessories and gears to enjoy the limitless possibilities of action-cams. Let us suppose you want to capture the road from baby’s eye view. So, in that case, mount your camera on your dog with a chest mount. In case if you do not want to trouble animals then you can also consider shooting the same scene by mounting the camera on the leg guard of your bike. So the proper selection of accessories can improve the performance of action cameras beyond its potential limits. Top 5 GoPro accessories are as follows:


This is the best accessories for all the action-cam users. Using a single leg position, adjustable tripod can improve the performance of your camera. Meanwhile it will also enable you to capture the exact same footage that you were planning to shoot for several years. Before buying a tripod, make sure that you can adjust its height and it is lightweight. Both these features will increase the mobility of the accessory.

Waterproof Housing Case

Most of the GoPro models are waterproof but still, it is suggested to use it with a waterproof housing for capturing underwater images. Having this accessory will help you to capture scuba diving, snorkeling images more confidently. Especially if your camera is not a waterproof model then you must consider using a waterproof housing case for making the most of your action-cam.

GoPro Remo

This is a waterproof, voice control remote that will help you to control your action camera from a distance by using voice command. However, the product is only compatible with Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session models. So if you are using any of these models then consider using GoPro Remo for giving voice commands to your action-cam.

Power Bank

GoPro offers standard battery backup but if you are planning to conduct a photographic tour in extremely remote areas where electricity is hard to find then having a power bank will help you to carry on capturing images with your camera.

Dedicated Backpack for Action-cams

This accessory may not seem like a core gear for photography. But if you want to take out your GoPro for a tour then having a dedicated bag will help you to move with almost all the accessories that you need to carry for capturing outstanding images.

So these are the top 5 gears that have the ability to enhance the performance of your action camera. For any related question regarding this feel free to leave us a mail.