Top 3 Camera Phones

Photography is one of today’s most popular hobbies for both young and old people. Although a lot of people are struggling to learn how to use DSLRs and modern cameras, technology has paved way for the availability of camera phones varying in quality and specs—allowing people to practice taking pictures even during normal days. Camera phones are widely available in different designs, and prices, with a wide range of specs and features to choose from. During the past year, the following have been recognized as the top 3 camera phones used for photography.

Nokia PureView 808

nokia 808

With a 41 MP camera built in this super camera phone, Nokia has finally regained the trust of millions of consumers all over the world. Its high resolution photo taking device allows its users to zoom in particular images without letting go of superb outputs. It also enables you to capture great video pieces with a 1080p @ 30 fps video recording capacity. It’s a handy camera turned smartphone that uses Symbian OS, a continuously criticized operating system for smartphones. Nonetheless, because it is a smartphone, you can enjoy various applications for home and business use. Internet surfing is a hugely advantageous feature, as you can immediately upload your photos to your Facebook page—a must-do for modern photographers.

Sony Xperia S


Even before, Sony has gained recognition for its Cybershot camera phone. Prior to the release of the first smartphones in the market, Sony has already developed high quality dual camera phones. Today, the Xperia S has inspired users with a 12.1 MP camera that features an f2.4 aperture. It also has an Exmor sensor that allows amateur photographers to capture the best images all the time. With its huge and clear 4.3-inch screen that boasts of 16 million colors and a rear camera, video capturing is another great hobby to pursue with this smartphone.

It operates on Android 4, also called the Ice Cream Sandwich, which allows business owners to enjoy small-time and versatile photography while they manage their businesses through various apps and features. For personal uses and businessmen, the integration of VoIP services with Sony Xperia’s fast and reliable operating system makes it not only a practical accessory but also a business tool. One only needs to acquire a VoIP service from reliable providers like RingCentral which offers different features such as advanced call forwarding, email to fax and voicemail that enable smartphone users to take their communication and pastime to a superior level.

Samsung Galaxy S III


Aside from being elegant in physique and fully equipped to meet your business needs, the Samsung Galaxy S III has an 8-MP camera that allows photography enthusiasts to accurately capture the most precious moments any time with this smartphone. Samsung users have found great love in this smartphone, as it produces superior photos despite low light set-ups. In addition, Samsung has enabled seamless connection through its S Beam feature, AllShare Play options, and Buddy Photo Share. Whilst you are busy taking care of customer inquiries through the use of reliable VoIP services, you can still enjoy your photography sessions with your Samsung Galaxy S III.

There are many other camera phones such as the HTC One X, iPhone 4S, Nokia Lumia 610, and the Samsung Galaxy S II—all of which have been recognized by consumers as the most reliable and consistent models in the market in terms of camera quality, resolution, and added features.