Top 10 Tips for Using Pinterest to Getting More Traffic

Pinterest is a new social network that works as a virtual panel, where the users are able to organize and share information, hobbies, interests, or anything else that you can find on the internet. Besides establishing your own panel, you can browse the panels of others, to read about their interests and to “hang” other nice photos, movies and articles on your wall. However, as this is a new and growing network, it is important for webmasters to understand how it works, as it has been told that Pinterest is a great way to generate traffic for websites. Let’s see how.

1. Your website on Pinterest

Try to place a link of your website in a visible place on your Pinterest page. This way, the users that would visit your panel would see the respective link, and they would probably click it to see what it is about.

2. Use the “pins”

A “pin” is an image that you add on Pinterest. Even if the photos are not indexed by Google, you can add a link to the respective photo on Pinterest, which redirects the user to your website. This way, the “Pin It” button would become one of your best marketing methods.

3. Invitations

You can’t join Pinterest unless you have an invitation from a member that already uses the network, or from the administrators of the network. As soon as you have an account opened there, you can offer Pinterest invitations on your website, attracting users this way.

4. Create a nice panel

An interesting Pinterest panel would attract many users, which would probably click the link to your website. Make an interesting panel, and the visitors would appear after a while.

5. Promote Pinterest

As we are talking about the fastest growing network on the Internet today, you can advertise it on your website, as the name of Pinterest attracts more and more users.

6. Activity

If you have regular activity on Pinterest, you will become an important member of this community, which would increase your online visibility, and of your website.

7. Create many panels

Pinterest allows users to have as many panels as they want, so you can create a panel especially for your website. This way, you will have another method to promote your business.

8. Update the panel

It is important to announce any new product, or to promote any new article from your website on your Pinterest page, as it would definitely be read by hundreds of users

9. Interests

Find Pinterest communities that are interested about what you have to sell or say. Promote your panel with those communities, and create connections. This way, your website would become important for the respective niche on Pinterest.

10. Connections

Connect your Pinterest panel with Twitter and Facebook. This way, you will have a socially integrated website, and you would attract visitors from many directions. Moreover, any new update on Pinterest would be posted immediately on Facebook and Twitter, increasing your visibility even more.

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