It’s tempting to leave your iPad home when you have a great outdoor adventure planned. On one end, it could add to the load plus you may have to give it attention and care – a rare commodity when your #1 priority is to have all the fun and excitement you can take in.


However, as we are going to show you, your iPad (be it on a suitable iPad keyboard case or not) can be the biggest reason why your intended escapade is remembered from just being so-so to being truly awesome. Here are 10 concrete reasons why:

 The Night Sky

There is no outdoor adventure if you would not indulge into the open air over barbeques and marshmallows and enjoy the poetic mantle of the night sky. Now, if you want to get more acquainted with what the sky laced with those diamonds called stars has to offer, this Night Sky app is your best bet to give you needed info. Utilizing GPS, this app will give you star charts. Just point the camera and voila.

Surf Report (Free)

For those who want to ride the waves, Surf Report gets you closer to your desired adrenaline rush. Giving you vital surfing details (e.g., swell of the waves, tide, surf direction) and weather report, Surf Report gives you info just when you need it most. So you get to enjoy what you enjoy most!

 Launch Sites (Free)

If you want your outdoor water experience to be tops, get Launch Sites. Not only does it give you access to 17 thousand places to get your canoes/kayaks launched, it lets you share these sites to friends via your fave social network.

 Ski & Snow Report (Free)

If you are not into cycling and is looking for a good slope to conquer, Ski & Snow Report can be your best friend. It gives you essential snow levels at every conceivable ski resort in the country. If that is not cool, then we don’t know what is!

 Strava Cycling (Free)

Cars can get you faster but a bike can get you anywhere (almost). Strava Cycling gives you a great trail choices for you and your bike to conquer and keeps your stat rides on file (e.g., speed, distance). Awesome, plus it’s free.

 iTrack Wildlife Lite (Free)

Now, there will be a lot of wild animals out there leaving all sorts of track . Knowing which one can be a tall order for the uninitiated. This is where iTrack comes in.

Spyglass ($3.99)

With Spyglass, your need for an ultimate navigation tool gets covered. Be it a GPS tracker, gyrocompass, sextant, or an angle calculator. For serious outdoor lovers, this app is definitely a must.

 SAS Survival Guide ($5.99)

Now that you are in the wild, surviving the experience away from the luxuries of home (e.g., potable water, air con, electricity) can be a real challenge. SAS Survival Guide makes sure you have the information you need, shows you how to get water to drink for instance, and come out alive – in one piece!

 MotionX GPS ($0.99)

You should not leave home without this app. Motion X GPS keeps you on track. It shows you your exact position on the map so you know where to go. And not get lost. Or backtrack if you were. Now, that should get your attention.

 Knot Guide ($1.99)

Out there in the wild, you will have to tie a knot or two whether you like it or not. Especially if you are out laying traps of sorts or hanging a hammock. This Knot Guide can be your best friend giving you hundreds of knots to choose from. Comes with a very small price tag.

Increasingly, it seems all the adventure you can take is largely dependent on how prepared you are for the journey.