Top 10 iOS Apps for the Creative Entrepreneur

Get connected with the right people and things at the right time… Make informed decisions for your business…

To succeed as a creative entrepreneur in this competitive world you need to do it all. It means you need to have all your information at your finger tips. And now that iOS8 has come to the mainstream, you don’t have to worry a bit.

It’s time to increase your productivity, save your sanity and maybe even raise your profit margins! Just download these iOS apps from the apple store to your smart phone and see the world of difference they make in how you run your business.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is your online notebook for everything – a must have for every entrepreneur. This handy app helps you remember everything! It’s more of a digital notebook that stores photos, web pages, notes, PDF files, audio clips, and to-do lists.

It has an awesome indexing feature and anything added to it can be accessed on your desktop, the web, or your mobile device. For iOS 8, Evernote comes with the Notification Center where you can create different kinds of notes. Added to it, there’s an extension in Safari that allows you to save whatever you’re browsing as a note.

  1. Kashoo

As a business entrepreneur, you may be doing multiple things by yourself – why not do your books too, all from one organized place? You can, with the Kashoo online accounting App.

Now you will have all the real reports, statements and numbers for filing your taxes at your fingertips. For iOS 8 users, the Action Extension let’s you drag stuff like an image of a receipt, into Kashoo the same way that you would email, text, print or AirDrop it.

No more bookkeepers please. Just Kashoo, and the confidence of knowing where your business stands, anytime.

  1. OmniFocus 2

This app allows you to see your work in a new perspective. Keep your work organized with contexts, perspectives, and focus. With Omnifocus2 you can accomplish more, ignore the irrelevant and just focus on what you can do now… and do it all much faster than before.

OmniFocus 2 aims to make your day-to-day easier. This app is specifically related to iOS 8 and the Today section of the Notification Center lets you get a quick grip on your to-dos.

  1. Flipboard

Ever wondered how to bring in new material from all your sources while on the go? Enter Flipboard – an app that grinds together all news and social feeds that matter to you. Blazingly fast and flexible, this app doubles up your efficiency by enabling you to cycle through large streams of content.

You can also save the pages that you would like to read later on. Flipboard has a beautifully designed, magazine-like interface. It is the perfect app for a creative entrepreneur – a platform to enjoy, browse, comment, and share information, articles and updates.

  1. LinkedIn

Expand your network with the LinkedIn app. Creative entrepreneurs are more active on LinkedIn than Facebook and Twitter combined. You can even create a targeted community who would be interested in your venture. What with its link sharing and other functional features, LinkedIn has proved to be the very place to build your connections.

The Notification Center of this app allows you to check out people who viewed your profile. The plus factor is that you can accept connection requests from your phone’s lock screen, the same way you’d respond to an iMessage or text message. Connecting with other business accomplices has never been easier.

  1. Sunrise

Sunrise is an email app and a calendar app all rolled into one – a stunning calendar app that pulls directly from LinkedIn. The Sunrise app supports multiple Google Calendars, in addition to iCloud and Exchange. Now you can see the picture and profile of who you’re meeting with.

The Quick Add Event works just fine for quickly adding events as you type them in. Be it an event or an important email, this app allows you to keep track of your social life, personal life and professional life on the go.

  1. Clear

Finding yourself bundled up in long lists? Move over and use Clear app, an awesome combination of design, user-friendly interface, and flexibility. Get your life in order by making lists for everything – shopping lists, bucket lists, movies to watch, places to go…

The app has a minimalistic approach to creating new items while seeing the existing ones and this avoids repetition. A reminder feature has been recently introduced in the app that can be accessed by a simple tap on the item.

Clear swipe gesture makes sure the item is off the list and lets you know your task is complete. Just jot down a thing you need to do and pull it up on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and it all syncs over iCloud.

  1. Behance

Are you into design? Then it is Behance for you – the ultimate show and tell platform for designers! As a leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work, Behance for iOS has been used to explore millions of projects by the world’s top creative talent.

Accessible via your smartphone, tablet and other devices, it provides information on various designs disciplines and the latest trends.

  1. OneDrive

This is a free iOS app that allows you to save and access attachments from your personal and multiple business accounts while existing as a virtual folder. You can access files shared by others, categorized according to the people who shared it.

It is a great place to store all of your documents, photos, and videos, and you get 15 GB of free storage when you sign up.

  1. Day One

Ever imagined you’d want to exclusively note everything through photos and immediately save it to the cloud? Presenting Day One – the daily journal for the modern age of micro journaling!

It brings the daily journal into the modern age, and it’s great for micro-journaling, or whatever you want your daily writing to look like. You can save your entries to Dropbox or publish a particular entry directly to Facebook. The app can record the weather conditions and location of your entry. When the creative urge to write hits, you can use it with your Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Most of the iOS8 ready apps focus on minimizing the number of times you need to actually open the app. It’s all about saving time for users and that’s a good thing for sure!

Now that you’ve taken a look at this list of great apps, which would you choose as a creative entrepreneur?

Author Bio:

This article is authored by Sunu Philip, the Inbound Marketing Head for Cabot Technology Solutions – an IT consulting firm specializing in web and mobile technology solutions. Cabot offers progressive end-to-end business solutions, blending a solid business domain experience, technical expertise and a quality-driven delivery model.

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