Top 10 Advertising Network for Publishers 2016

Advertising networks have seen a significant growth due to increasing usage of internet.Advertising Networks can earn you good income, but it needs a lot of patience. So here I list down top 10 advertising networks for publishers.

  1. Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is the most common and well known advertising platform being used, you simply have to put advertisements on your blog or website and earn money. It is the simplest way to earn money; the only condition is that you need to be genuine.

  1. Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser stands high when it comes to PPC. It is one of the best ad network publishers. It uses bidding based technique to earn money via blogging. Minimum pay-out in Bidvertiser is 10$ if paid via PayPal.

  1. Infolinks:

It can be considered as one of the most AdSense friendly network. Currently Infolinks is the largest ad-network. The best thing about Infolinks is that it works well with AdSense, which means your income boost’s up as you can use AdSense as well as Infolinks together.

Minimum payout is 50$ and also can be done via wireframe and cheque.

  1. Propeller Ads:

If you are looking for a complete package which works with multiple technologies then Propeller Ads is a good option. Multiple technologies here mean that it only doesn’t work with on Click ads, but also works with Mobile ads and Video ads. So Propeller Ads is an option to be considered.

Minimum pay-out is 100$.

  1. RevenueHits:

If you are looking for high paying rates, then RevenueHits is also a good option. RevenueHits provide good eCPM rates as compared to other sites. RevenueHits can be considered if you are not working with all above-listed networks.

Minimum pay-out is 50$.

  1. Clicksor:

Clicksor is one of the most reliable and oldest networks. Many people still prefer working with Clicksor as compared to any other networks, the only reason being its reliability and experience.

Clicksor is so reliable that many different ad network is working under Clicksor.

Minimum pay-out is Clicksor is 50$.

  1. SuperLinks:

SuperLinks is not much old advertising network but is certainly doing very well. It is becoming one of the fastest advertising networks due to its good marketing. It uses banner ads which are from Google Click Ads Exchange.
In short, it can be used for displaying ads as an alternative to Google AdSense.

  1. Media.Net:

Media.Net is a bit different kind of advertisement network. If you really want to do organic or genuine stuff, then after Google AdSense, the next preferred network is Media.Net.

The reason behind its reliability is that it is a combination of three different networks which are Yahoo, Bing and Media.Net itself. Premium traffic, which means genuine location traffic, is needed in Media.Net.

Minimum pay-out is 100$.

  1. Viglinks:

If you are into affiliate automation, then Viglinks can help you for sure. Viglinks is currently preferred by many clients and has a level of its own. Clients are very much organic and work in a genuine way.

Viglinks works by just inserting some piece of code provided by Viglinks, and it will then convert all the links provided by you to generate income.
Minimum pay-out is 10$.

  1. Skimlinks:

Skimlinks is also a good ad network. You can consider Skimlinks if you don’t want to work via Viglinks. Both are providing auto affiliate ad networking. The overall appearance and GUI is better, so it is easy to use.

Skimlinks can be considered as a smart network which will only work genuinely, so if you work genuinely, then Skimlinks will never disappoint you.

Minimum pay-out in Skimlinks is 10$.

People are more often using newest gadgets and want to be updated with latest tech news as well as other stuff happening in the world. If you work genuinely, then you will get good results after a certain amount of time. Remember not to use more than three companies on your blog or website.
More and more number of blogs and websites are coming up every day, so with the rise in blogs and websites, usage of advertising network certainly will increase. The best idea to earn money online is by marketing or blogging. This info will help you for sure.



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