Tips to Help You Keep the Blog Up

Many new bloggers quickly fall into the unfortunate rut of running out of creative material to write about. It is important to keep a blog going if you have committed yourself to one. You will attract readers with your blog and it is only by consistently creating more content that you will keep them interested enough to comment and eventually help you create the community that you need to become an expert in your field.

But there are many things in real life that can get in the way of your best intentions and you may just simply not have enough time to keep the blogging up. The following ideas should help you out and allow you to keep the fire going!

Use Productivity Tools

When you do blog, make it as efficient as possible. You don’t have to restrict yourself from reaching out to every social platform you can think of with your posts (Reddit, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). There are many software tools available that will let you automatically post your blog posts to multiple networks at a time. This means that you will have much less administrative work to do and can just get the post up as quickly as possible.
If you are concerned about staying secure while online you can use also a VPN service for this. With this you also will be able so use some software that are out there without need to get a subscription, as many of them sometime are tracking you by IP’s and with a VPN you can switch your IP multiple times.

Use an Efficient Platform

By using an efficient platform such as WordPress to create your blog (not, the WordPress installation on your hosting), you can create a really quick and easy blog site at your own domain. Adding posts and new pages is a breeze and you can easily modify thousands of free templates to make your blog represent you the most.

Aim for Small Posts

When you are starting out, aim for something quick and easy – like 3 200 word posts a week. You don’t even really have to say anything really insightful every time – a quick comment on a video or an image related to your field or industry three times a week is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and remind them that you are a professional in what you do, thinking about it throughout the week.

Aiming for frequent small posts at the beginning will allow you to build up an interested reader base who come back regularly to your site. Then you can add longer material as your schedule allows it. “Slow, but steady” is the best way to approach a blog, especially if you are doing it alone!


Irene Perlog is a writer at She writes about Online Security, VPN technology and Blogging. If you are interested you can read this Hidemyass review by visiting to find out more about VPN benefits.