Tips on Better Using of Smartphones and Top 5 Apps

Smart phones ran with the android software are in immense craze in the technical world these days. There are several uses one can put a Smartphone into. However, for the successful implementation of a Smartphone, the device must be equipped with all the necessary applications.

Let us take an example of an individual willing to listen to several songs through one single application and thus he needs to install an app that would help you do so. Pandora is one such interesting application. You can use it to play songs of various artists that is being streamed through the internet. The only problem is that when you use the free version, the songs come with some commercial advertisements.

There are several such apps that can be used by a Smartphone user, to make the experience all the more exciting. And the most interesting fact is that there are innumerous apps, which can be availed free.

However, if one follows a certain points, he would find that using an android phone has become simpler and less complicated. Let us have a look at these factors.

  1. Try to keep your phone in an auto update mode, as there is a constant change in software.
  2. Try to connect your laptop to a charging point or a cable station.
  3. To protect your phone while you work out, you would need an arm strapped carrying case.
  4. It would be wise to put your phone on charge before you go to sleep. Therefore, by the time you wake up the next morning the device would be fully charged for use.
  5. To enhance the sound of the phone, why not use a good quality external speaker. It helps you enjoy while you are working.

Let us have a look at the five best android applications, which spice up the experience of using an android phone.


As discussed earlier, Pandora enables one to listen to songs by various artists while they are streamed through the internet. You have set some channels; a simple touch would activate them. However, you would have to tolerate a little bit of the commercials. Skype

You really wish to connect to your people, living far away. Skype offers you the best way to do so. Skype connects you with your friends and families all across the globe with a free phone call.


This is basically a time management app and is very user friendly. It would help the user set up appointments and dates. All you have to do is add to the agenda and when the event nears, an alarm would remind you of it.


Capture moments spent with friends in snaps and use this app to add special effects to them later.


Allows you to access your inbox through your Smartphone any time you wish. Moreover, you can also respond to the emails anytime.

These applications are enough to make your day better and give you an exciting experience of using an Android Smartphone.

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  1. Smart phones have more craze for the android os rather than the iOS or any other OS. And the apps that are meant for the better opportunity are more preciously managed to be more approachable. I likes the list mentioned above and would like to add one more app that I believe to be more applicable for the android to have for every other individual and that is the cloud based Replicon’s task management tools ( ).

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