Tips for Stress Free Living

“Oh! Stress!” the battle cry of this generation. Most people feel like they have to do so much just to get by that stress is an inevitable part of life. Some people even seem to carry it like a badge of honor. But you don’t need to be constantly stressed out to prove that you are a hard worker. You can get just as much done, if not more, by following a few of these tried and proven tips for relieving stress in your life.



Yes, there is so much to do – there always will be! This is why you need to prioritize and get to the things that are most important first. A lot of us get caught up in the little things because they are easier to get to than the more important items on our to-do lists. But if you fill your time up doing all the small stuff first, you’ll never have time to fit in the really important “big” things.

The famous example is filling a container up with big things, like rocks. The container is full. But then you add sand and it sifts down into the cracks between the rocks. Now, it’s full, right? But then, again, you add water and the water fills up whatever space was left by the sand. NOW the container is full.

Well, think of the container as your day and the rocks as the “must-do’s” on your to-do list. The sand is less important and the water even less so, but they are all things you want to do or should do in your day. But unless you put the rocks in first, you’ll never get them in. Do what is important first and you’ll find space for the little things around the big things.


Schedule and Plan Ahead

One of the worst panic attack moments you can experience is when you completely forgot that you were supposed to do something important. Avoid this by putting up a schedule where you can see all that you need to do over the next couple days or weeks. This will help to remind you so you don’t forget and also help you to plan ahead if at all possible.


If you plan your days ahead of time, it will help you to avoid delays and keep you on track to fulfilling your goals for that day. Also, keeping a to-do list with you can be very helpful. You might not be able to get to everything on the list, but at least you are never stuck in a situation where you have so much to do and don’t know what to do first. Just look at your list. Checking off items also helps encourage you to keep going because you can clearly see that you are, indeed, making progress.


Learn How to Relax

It’s sad, but there are a lot of people who just can’t relax. They’re in a stressful situation and it just keeps getting worse and worse, because they can’t physically or mentally calm down. But taking a short breather when you are stressed out is very important.

Some people find it’s helpful to do a few minutes of quiet meditation. Other’s have breathing techniques or listen to soothing music. Do whatever works for you and don’t neglect this tip. Add a few minutes of relaxation at the end or start of your day to your schedule and make it one of the “rocks” on your to-do list.


Eat Right, Sleep Right and Exercise

Neglecting any of these things will make stress worse and will eventually be detrimental to your health. Not getting enough sleep can sap your productivity, making it harder for you to get everything done. Not exercising will do the same and it may make it difficult to get to sleep at night if you haven’t been physically active during the day.

Eating right is just a must. Avoid binge eating or skipping meals because you are too busy. If you do, you’ll regret it later. Take good care of your health and you’ll feel better and more capable of handling all that your busy life brings up everyday.

Carly is a content contributor for Edrugstore.MD.