Tips for Guest Bloggers to Identify Best Guest Post Writers among Bad Ones

Making valuable back-links can be possible and easy for your site with guest post services. But it is not all that. Most guest bloggers don’t have enough time to be prompt to 100s of emails and to find out best guest posters among bad ones. There are different reasons why guest bloggers accept guest posts. Some want to give the chance to new writers to show their skills. Others are seeking for new prospects on a specific aspect to make sensible bounding with like-minded individuals. Whatever will be the reason, everyone accepts uniqueness, value and quality. Here’s how you can find out the best guest poster among bad ones.


 Spun Content

Spun or duplicate content can easily be detected by Google algorithms. Your site might be penalized if they are detected on your site. Though you cannot find all the content online, but you can check whether content is spun or not. You can use an online tool Copyscape which scans the web for same articles and phrases. So check out the authenticity of the content before publishing it, no matter how well it looks.

 Having Links in Author Bio

Some guest posters come to the blogs only for their back-links. They don’t care how well you work with it. They won’t give you high-quality relevant content. It’s not about just crediting online business in author bios, it’s also about giving niche related content. As an example, you are hosting blog of home improvement. You may like to post guest articles that are related to your niche.

 Spelling & Grammar Errors

Sometimes blog contents are drafted in conversation tone and people mostly are not perfect to grammar for blogging. But the idea here is to have proper value for writing. In the web world, you may find some people who don’t have proper command in English. For a specialist or programmer, it is acceptable that he can have little bad sentence for tutorials. But as a guest blogger, it doesn’t make sense to accept guest posts that are not structured correctly in English.

 Research the Guest Writer

Suppose a guest author approached you for posting a guest article. Before responding to them, it is better to research one’s background. For this, just Google the name of author and find out what they have done before approaching you, check his social networking profile and know about him better. If you found nothing about him, then don’t waste time because he might be one who is a ghost writer in a company.

 Avoid Controversial Content and Links

Though it seems suitable to use offensive content when it comes to spark up any discussion, it is wise to avoid getting fall in these extremes. As a person, you can post such contents. But you should avoid some subjects. So, before you approve and publish a guest article, be sure to know what you are accepting.

 Avoid Accepting Off-Topic Content

Make sure guest post you are accepting is related to categories of your blog. If the point is irrelevant, neither Google will accept it nor will readers appreciate it.

 Author Bio:  Priyanka is a seasoned blog writer and owner of Guest posting company (GPC), Which provide guest posting service all over the world. She has been contributing to several blogs on topics like technology, cloud computing, social media, internet marketing, travel etc. for past couple of years.