Tips for Caring for Your iPod Touch

Even if Apple comes out with a newer generation of your iPod Touch in a few months, you can make it last for a few years if you know how to take care of it.

To help you out, here are some tips for you to care for your iPod Touch:

1. Turn off the apps when you aren’t using them.

Pressing the Home button to go back to the home screen doesn’t close the current app you’re using, it just minimizes it. You may notice that your battery drains easily when you’ve opened several apps in succession. This is because unless you force the app to close, it still eats up resources. You can close any app except the one currently running by pressing the Home button quickly twice. A bar appears at the bottom of the screen which shows all the apps that are currently running. Press one app icon for a few seconds and once they all start shaking, you can turn them off by tapping the red badge on their upper left corner.

2. If you don’t want to turn off all the apps, then just turn off the ones that eat up a lot of resources.

Especially because it’s an iPod Touch, special apps that let you use phone services, MMOs, and other online content and services are the ones you should watch out for when it comes to maintaining apps. Just do the process outlined above and just turn off the apps that are eating up too many resources.

3. Download a battery app.

There are special apps available such as Battery Doctor that take care of your iPod Touch while it’s charging. Lithium-ion batteries such as the one your iPod Touch use require a charging pattern and an occasional drain and full charge. These apps tell you how to care for your device and how much time you have to use it when you’re running certain apps and services. Most of these apps are free so it really doesn’t make any sense for you not to use them.

4. Disable push notifications.

It’s called ‘push’ because even if you don’t have the actual app on, you can still receive notifications regarding its activity. Facebook, imo, iMessage and other communication services often ask you if you would like to receive alerts or notifications. This consumes battery so it might be best to disable the notifications. You can always specify in the Settings app that you want your iPad to retrieve messages and other alerts manually when you open the apps yourself.

5. Make sure your iPod touch has a screen protector and a case.

A screen protector keeps your touch screen from getting any scratches. If your iPod Touch is white, then it also keeps the surface from getting scratches as well.