Things You Should Check Before Purchasing an Android Smartphone

Android smartphone has achieved massive popularity and craze in recent times. Because of its sparkling features, tons of free android Apps everyone is now wanting to buy an android smartphone. Many categorized applications are available free of cost which are only compatible for android smartphone. Striking user interface and rich graphics is also responsible for its popularity.

Many manufacturers of mobile phones are there who has android smartphones as their product. But before buying one, you should check some points. To select which model is best for you, here are some points that you should check.

Processor: It is the main thing of an android smartphone. You can call it the heart of android. Capacity of the processor will determine the speed and performance of the smartphone. For a super-fast smartphone, you need a high end processor. If you are a gaming freak, you must have a processor with high capacity. You should make sure that the processor range of your android smartphone is at least 1GHz. It is more than enough to prevent your device from slowing down.

RAM: RAM is also a very important part for the gaming lovers. All the games on your android phones needs high amount of virtual memory space or RAM space. High RAM space also helps the android phone to increase its speed. High amount of RAM prevents the android from slowing down when you are running three or four Apps simultaneously. At least 512 MB of RAM must be there when you are buying an android smartphone.

Version of Android: Many different versions of androids are there like ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, ginger bread and many more. You will find something unique in every version of android. Some difference will be there in interfaces and features of every android version. You must also check the version of Operating system before you buy an android. Make sure that you are buying the android with latest android operating system.

Brand of Android: Many brands of android smartphones are available now in the market. Every brand has something unique and special and every brand has some good and bad points. So before choosing any brand, please make sure that it is the best brand for you. You should not buy a brand with low reputation and low popularity. Before buying any brand, make sure that you have a customer service center near you. If you choose to buy a popular model, you will get OS updates and custom ROMs form internet.

Cam, Battery And Screen: Although almost every android has good battery quality, good camera and good size of screen, you should check all these before buying an android smartphone.

As because android is an expensive gadget, you must check everything before purchasing an android. Before buying an android it is very important to make sure that the android you are buying will support the future software or operating system updates. And also make sure that it has enough internal memory to support future upgrades.  You will have no problem in running new Apps or software in your android if you have enough internal memory.
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