Things to Consider While Assembling a Desktop Computer

Assembling a desktop computer, is an art which should be attempted by those who have got a penchant towards research, have a technical blend of mind aware of latest software, hardware and excellent negotiation skills to bargain various parts from the vendors. Cost plays an important factor while assembling a computer or buying it as it is from a manufacturer.  Assembling a desktop computer brings significant benefits like

  • Saving money
  • Using components of your favorite brand
  • Getting you desired configuration


Steps in Building a Computer

Choosing Parts

The foremost step in trying to build a computer is to choose correct parts, which fits your budget and suits your operational requirements.  A desktop computer has an outer body called ‘Chassis’, which contains all the internal components.  Basic and most important internal parts to consider are as follows:

Internal Components

  • Power Source

It converts AC to DC power, which is consumed by the internal and external components. You should ensure that this power source should provide appropriate level of current to the components and it should not get short circuited easily and maintain appropriate level of voltage with normal fluctuations.

  • Mother board

It is centerpiece of a computer, which has all the components connected to it. Consider the type of processor, expansion slots if you want to add more peripherals as well as the amount of heat that your mother board can withstand. If you want to use it for gaming then you need to make sure high speed processor and higher heat resistant mother board. Consider features like onboard video, Ethernet connection, sound & RAM capacity.

  • Processor

There are many types of processors available in the market. However, choose the one that is compatible with your mother board and you need not splurge on expensive ones.

  • RAM (Random Access Memory)

The virtual memory of computer plays an important role while running applications. It should be up to 4GB, which will make your computer faster. You will have no problems, whether you use your desktop as gaming console or just to browse the internet.

  • Hard Drive

A desktop computer without a good capacity Hard Drive is less useful on a long duration. You can get high speed and good storage capacity hard drive at very economical price.  You have to consider the type of connection for your mother board, whether it is IDE or SCSI or if they run on SATA.

Video Cards

Few mother boards offer on board video cards, which are fine for basic computing, but for gaming and video rendering, you have to consider separate video card. Make sure that the video card is compatible with your mother board.

External Components

Some of the important and basic external components are as follows

  •  CD ROM& DVD drives

You can choose CD ROMS and DVD drives depending on your requirement. You can choose 32X or 52X CD ROM, depending on the speed.

  • Keyboard & Monitor

Market is flooded with innumerable options for keyboards and monitor. It depends on your budget and needs whether you want an LED or LCD screen. Keyboard can be wireless, wired.

  • Mouse

Whether you want a wireless, optical mouse or wired mouse depends on your preference and budget.

Depending on your budget and usability of desktop computer, you can decide on any configuration.

John S Lam is a content writer and Marketing Executive who is recently pass a00-211  and in future he wants to get certified with 000-001.