Things to Consider when choosing Server Storage

A great server or computer room should be secure, efficient and leave room for expansion.

If you’re planning to redesign or move your server room, then take a look at these important points that you should consider before you choose comms room services so that you get the best possible server room for your business.

1. Space

Work out how much space all your cables, comms gear, servers and so on will take up and then at the very least double it. If you’re expecting your business to grow – and any business owner worth their salt should be – then don’t forget that as your company expands your server room will need to do the same.  It is no good just packing the servers more tightly together because this will not allow them to cool down as effectively and could thus produce a fire risk.

2. Security

Today more than ever adequate data protection is an essential part of business. The best place for a server room in terms of security is close to the centre of the building in an area where you can incorporate 360 degree security. The floor should be concrete and the walls masonry and the room should not be able to be easily accessed through a drop ceiling or vent. A self locking door is a distinct advantage provided that it can be kept open easily when necessary, for example when equipment needs to be moved.  Furthermore, access to this area should only be for certain employees as you don’t want to come in and find a disgruntled employee has ransacked your data centre.

3. Temperature

A highly effective and efficient cooling system is essential in any server room. In general your comms room should be the coldest area in your building and humidity levels should be kept moderately dry. One way to increase server room efficiency is by installing an air conditioning unit in the room so that the temperature can be kept at the optimum level with relative ease.

4. Light

Your comms room should be brightly lit so that the entire room is covered without shadows being cast over areas staff may be working in. this should include your workbench and both sides of the racks. Make sure that you also include emergency lighting so that equipment can be accessed easily in the event of a power failure.  Having someone working on the servers with a torch in his mouth is both ineffective and easily solved.

5. Flooring

In large to medium data centers, raised flooring is an absolute must as it creates an ideal storage space for cables. If a raised floor is not possible in the area you’re considering then overhead cable management can be used.

Keep the floor in your server room as clear as possible and keep electrical items at least a foot above the floor to reduce fire risk and make equipment easier to work with. A clear floor will also make your server room easier to keep clean and will lessen the risk of accidents or equipment being damaged if it is left out. It’s also much easier to see if any components such as screws are dropped on the floor.

However, the most important reason to keep your servers and other computer equipment off the floor is to increase its chances of survival if your server room is flooded.  These things happen and although insurance might pay out – you will still have a considerable amount of ‘downtime’ trying to replace water damaged equipment.  For more information on data centres and comms rooms, visit to get a quote on design and build of a safe and secure room.