Things I Learned From My Brothers

My parents always wanted a big family, but they had pictured a more diverse family. Instead, they were blessed with 7 sons and me – their only daughter and the youngest member of the family. There are many perks to being the only girl, and here’s what I learned by having only brothers.  

I Learned My Way Around Cars And Motorbikes

All my friends in highschool, even the guys, were surprised at my knowledge of cars and bikes. By the time I graduated I was already capable of a few advanced mechanics, I’d learned how to clean a motorcycle engine on my own – let alone simple things like changing a tire. 

I’m not saying that only boys are allowed to be interested in these things. But in my small-town high school, it seemed like I was the only girl who had the vaguest idea what a combustion engine even looked like. My knowledge of cars and bikes came in handy more often than you’d think, and I wholly recommend that every driver learn how to do basic repairs on their own. 

Standing Up For Yourself Is Not Optional

While my brothers never really picked on me in particular, they bullied each other like boys are wont to do. I learned how to stand up for myself when I realized that if I wanted to get a word in between those seven, I had to speak up. Not only that, but sometime in my teens my brothers decided to give me their impromptu self-defence lesson. This was after they heard some locker talk about a girl (who ran in the same circles as I did) who went out with a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer. They hadn’t imagined that I’d ever be in such a situation until then, and decided that I needed to learn how to handle myself. Thankfully, I can throw a mean punch. 

The True Meaning Of Equality

Most of my friends thought that being the only girl, I was a spoiled child – especially since I was the youngest. However, my parents decided long before I was born that they would not play favorites. When I came along, they decided my gender was no reason to change their parenting style. So, I learned the true meaning of equality because there was no “crying to daddy” when one of my brothers was bothering me – I had to handle my bullying brother just like my other brothers did.

Some people expected the opposite – portraying me as the Cinderella figure that was forced to cook for and clean after my gang of brothers. They were all self-sufficient before me, and they remained so after I joined the family. Chores were equally divided among us – and we could only switch if both parties agreed. 

Overall, growing up with more boys in the house shaped my personality. Of course, my mom and I have a special relationship the rest of the family doesn’t understand, and I loved that. If you’re a mom with more boys than girls (or vice versa), stop worrying so much – they’ll turn out fine.

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