The website is more visible on Google?

In 80% of cases, to improve the visibility of a website, you must have sufficient relevant links where other relevant websites have.

It is also important that your website technically optimally accessible to search engines.

You will need to make your website more visible:

  1. A website that technically and accessibility optimal
  2. A website that contains lots of good information about the topic
  3. A website which is linked, referenced by other websites (links to your site from other sites)

Is your website fully accessible for search engines?

Before Google make a website visible, of course they ensure that the whole website can be searched easily. This all has to do with the techniques of a site (URL, HTML, and Site Structure). Technology is a broad part of search engine optimization which is again one of the small parts.

How relevant you are looking for a particular query

Google wants only the most relevant websites to show up. In order to ensure
that your site as “most relevant” is considered, you must ensure that you have much information about the subject that your website is. Brainstorm all the possible questions from your audience and consider well what else you can tell about the topic on your web site.

Post as much information as possible you think are more relevant in the eyes of Google.
Relevant websites have more chance of good visibility.

Think about:

– Where your target audience looking on;
– What information is relevant to your target audience;
– Which questions (including the answers) you can put all on the site;
– How to make your site more supplement (there are numerous ways)

What Google want the user as soon as possible with the best answer to a particular query.

If you conduct a search on Google – it is Google’s goal to provide exactly the information that you desire – and most preferably from a trusted website. Google mainly measure this confidence based on the links that a website has.

What others think of your website?

Google determines the importance and popularity of a website. How many other websites, blogs and forums linking to your site? And how much it is important, reliable, relevant, popular websites?

Google sees a link which is like a vote for your site. The websites with the most votes
are best visible in the search engines. Make sure that other sites vote for your website.

For these references (links) to gather together, you need good information on your site.
If people find your site valuable, they will link your site by itself. These links ensure that your site increasingly visible on Google. On the basis of the number of links and the quality of these links, Google namely determine how important you are.

So you need good information that others would like to put a link. Think how you can provide information that really suits your audience.

Some ideas for publishing good information:

  • Make a list of tips (10 tips to … 20 tips to …)
  • Make a statement, a how-to (explain step by step how to do something)
  • View forums in your market and get behind what people are saying and what they want to know, give them that
  • Answer questions on your website
  • What are the most common targets that allow your audience to do? Create an article where you describe the problem and offer a solution or method to solve the problem.

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