The Waterproof Sony Xperia Z – A Phone For Real People

The Sony Xperia Z is one of the most awaited handsets and the good news is that consumers will soon be able to get their hands on one.  The UK’s mobile phone providers and retailers have announced details of when it will be available and the starting prices.  You can now pre-order the your new phone with most networks and can expect it to be available from the 28thFebruary.  The handset has been given a few great features including a quad-core processor, Android Jelly Bean operating system and a 5 inch screen in HD.  Reviewers have already had a great deal to say about the overall design of the handset and there are very few that do not like it so the reviews have already been giving the consumer food for thought.


Three will be releasing the phone on a contract which at the current time costs £36 per month.  However, if you want to buy the handset for PAYG then it will set you back around £449.  You can also add this on an Ultimate Internet 500 plan which will cost £34 per month (on a 24 month contract) but this will give unlimited data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.  On both of the monthly contracts the customer will have to spend £69 to get the handset as it is not available free of charge.

Carphone Warehouse is one of the retailers that has not yet given their customers the option of pre-ordering but this is expected any day now.  Phones 4U will be selling the handset from the 1st March rather than the end of February and you should be able to pre-order it with them now.  Other retailers are expected to announce their price plans and availability dates shortly.

Not everyone will want to have the handset with a SIM and if you want it SIM-free then you can opt for a handset from Clove.  This will cost the user around £528 and you should be able to obtain the handset in either black or white.   A similar price is being quoted by Expansys and they will also be selling the handset from the end of February, also with the option of colours if needed. SIM-free is appealing to those who prefer not to be tied to one mobile provider.

What Do You Get?

Once you have the handset what can you expect?  There is a very useful 16GB of on-board storage and this can be expanded as there is a slot for a microSD card, making the handset a great choice for music lovers or photography enthusiasts.  One of the biggest selling points for this particular handset though is that it is waterproof.  Anyone who has ever dropped a smartphone in a puddle will appreciate that this is a feature that has long been overlooked by many of the manufacturers.  Most handsets will withstand a splash of water but will not survive being completely submerged.  This should appeal to many smartphone users and it is expected that Sony’s new flagship handset will sell very well in 2013.

 Phil Turner thinks that any new phone should be waterproof as well as strong enough to stand being dropped on the floor without cracking.

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