The Top 10 Elements That Contribute To A Successful Blog

It is safe to say that the major goal of every blog owner is a successful blog. To help you position your blog for success, we’ve compiled this list of top 10 elements that contribute to the success of a blog.

1.Correct Grammar

Nothing can kill a blog’s traffic or credibility faster than grammatical errors. Which means that you need to take out the time to ensure that only uploading the best work possible is uploaded. However, do not overthink this, there is an urgency to blogging – so, the occasional run-on sentence or missed comma would not have dire consequences.

2.Relevant Content

It doesn’t matter if you create videos, write articles or produce podcast, you would want to develop content around topics that are important to your target audience.

The question however is — how do you create great content that is valuable to your audience but also great for boosting your social media presence? In our experience, there are two major things that work:

  • Share solutions to challenges and problems you overcome: You and your target audience are pretty similar. So, if you share solutions to the challenges and problems that you have overcome in life, chances are it will resonate with your audience.
  • Create content to the questions individuals frequently ask: A great source of relevant content is from frequently asked question from your online and offline interactions. When the question comes up regularly, chances are the other members of your audience would also like to know the answer.

3.Create Evergreen Content

The bedrock of a great blogging strategy is the creation of evergreen content. What is evergreen content? Evergreen contents are blog articles that are not time specific and will be relevant to your blog followers for a long time. This type of content will continuously earn blog revenue – way after it’s been published. So, publish evergreen content when possible to boost your content strategy

4.Stick With Original Content

Chances are, somebody else has already covered a topic you would like to create content on, regardless of the niche you choose for your blog – the truth is, everything has been done. However, copy and paste content is not the answer.

In order to set your blog apart from the crowd, you would have to find new ways to cover old topics. Using a unique and consistent style of writing or tone of voice is a great way to get this done. In essence, don’t forget to add the personal touch – it should be easy even if you have selected a niche that you are passionate about.

5.Easy To Read

Great information can be missed if it is not presented in a manner that is easy for your readers to digest. A well-structured post will allow your readers to go through an entire article without missings all the little valuable points sprinkled along the blocks of text.

Pro tip: Use line breaks, bullet points, bold and italic text, subheadings and so on to improve the reading experience for your blog visitors.

  1. Use Clear, Quality Headlines

A lot of blog content creators leave the title to the last minute and spend most of their time writing the blog post – this is a bad idea. You reduce the chances of getting new web users reading your content if you use boring titles – make your titles intriguing to encourage link clicks.

You can use headline analysers like GoSchedule to test the quality of your headline before posting — aim to get a score of 70% and above.

  1. Clearly Define Your Focus Area

Readers visit their favourite blogs because they know that will not only get interesting posts, but also specific and relevant information on the topics they are interested in.

A clearly defined focus point is an essential feature of successful blogging sites. Niche blogs do better than broad topic-focused blogs. With a niche blog, readers will know what to expect every time they visit your blog. They understand they will not have to weed through a lot of irrelevant information to get to the content that matters. This will keep them returning.

For example, if you are interested in writing about money, this blog area can be narrowed down to either writing about money investment opportunities or offering money-saving tips.

You might assume that narrowing down your focus might reduce readership and you wouldn’t be wrong – but attempting to write about everything will throw your authority out the window. Maintaining a niche blog will establish you as an authority and build trust with your audience.

  1. Well-Thought Out Design

So, we’ve already covered the harm of using undesirable the large block of text in your blog post, but they are not the only thing that can harm the success of a blog. You only have about 5 seconds to make a good first impression – so, make sure all the elements in your content is right. Remember to use interesting infographics, images, videos and GIFs, alongside short paragraph and line breaks to break up large blocks of text that would be hard for readers to scan through with ease.

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is a key factor in retaining the attention of your audience. In order to increase retention rates, you need to be consistent with your content marketing strategy. This means – a consistent voice, writing style, and so on to ensure that your readers get a consistent experience. Regularly posting helps as well, especially in a pattern that your readers can anticipate and appreciate.

  1. Don’t Forget Multimedia

Uploading pictures is possible with almost all blogs – with some, it is also possible to include podcast/MP3/audio and videos.

Please note, a lot of web users do not have video viewers for web formatted videos – which would mean that you would have to spend more money on hosting a video in order for your site visitors to view it.

Pro tip: We recommend that you post videos on video-sharing sites like Vimeo or Youtube and then embed these videos on your website. Credible web hosts like Bluehost, 1&1 IONOS, Heart Internet Uk and Domains4Less Web Hosting provide you quick and easy method to incorporate videos in your blog.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it – the top 10 elements of a successful blog. They should not just to be considered, they should be implemented. Aim to include five of these elements in every blog post you write. Doing this consistently will increase your blog’s social media shares, newsletter signups, the amount of time your readers spend on the site and enquiry link clicks.

Managing a blog isn’t easy work – but if you incorporate the elements outlined above, define your audience, follow a content calendar and clearly outline your content marketing strategy, you will get great results.

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