The Strength of Email Continues Relentlessly

One of the most commonly used words these days is email. It has forced its way into the vocabulary and shows little sign of falling out of favour. That is because it established itself as the prime means of communication on the Internet at launch over two decades ago. Even the social media does not seem to be dislodging it. Indeed, in conjunction with social media such as Facebook and Twitter it continues to be an intrinsic element of content marketing strategies across all sectors.

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Regular news and information

While email alone is not the way to reach a target audience it has been a communication constant since the development of the Internet. It is sometimes overlooked because of the growing power of social media. However, there has not been a communication medium introduced in recent years that actually replaces the function email fulfils. That function is to provide information and news to the database that you should have been collecting ever since your business website first went live.

For an email campaign to succeed, it must keep regular contact with those people who have expressed an interest in your goods and/or services. People can volunteer to join your mailing list or they get inclusion from previous activity with your company.  In conjunction with the content marketing that has created and developed your message and its audience, email completes the circle as one element oftransmission of that message.

Building trust

That message must be part of the process of building up trust with your audience in the hope that it ultimately leads to sales. Email should never be a hard sell in itself. Equate email with the junk mail which drops through the letterbox. Most goes in the bin, therefore the email message you send out should be targeted, relevant, authoritative and engaging.

Be patient because you are gradually attaining authority status which is exactly where you want to be.Some campaigns are difficult to evaluate; not so an email campaign because it will elicita response. Those responses are obviously recorded. How those responses are used is a matter of judgement, but comments and questions coming from a potential customer should be analysed, assessed and acted upon. Also, never ignore an email or response from one of your recipients.


Emails should ideally be linked to any social media pages that you promote. In that way your social media traffic can grow as your database members contribute to those pages. The whole point of social media and an email campaign linking together is that it can reinforce your current audience but, as is often the case, also increase its size.

This is all well and good if you are competitive in your sector and consumers are buying volume within your sector as a whole. There are still several issues within your company not dependent upon the Internet and your research and development department must keep pace with the competition

Strategies for email marketing are amongst the things that you need to utilise in your promotional campaigns to increase your audience and ultimately your sales. Whichever business sector you are involved with competition is fierce and you cannot cede any advantage to the competition.

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