The Risks Of using Curated Backlinks Or One SEO Strategy

It has been quite an interesting time for SEOs this year. Google seems to have relaxed the rules a bit when it comes to backlink strategy as long as the content that is being linked back is informative, well-written, and it is helpful. Mostly the reason behind this is that Google no longer dishes out sitewide penalties. Therefore, if the root domain or subdomain receives a penalty, this does propagate down to blog pages where you may have a guest post published. Today, as long as your SEO strategy is totally randomized, then there is very little chance that any penalties will be applied.

Obviously, the temptation to use just one strategy is still there; especially if it comes at a low cost. One of the cheapest ways to get backlinks (or at least it was), is to use curated backlinks. This is when you find existing content and ask the person that owns the site to add an anchor that links back to your website within the content. This is cheap for obvious reasons. Firstly, you do not need to write content, and secondly, there is no need to create infographics or provide unique images.

However, I have seen some SEO overuse this technique. One guy I know was literally only using curated backlinks for his client when suddenly his client’s site dropped from page 1 on nearly all the keywords it was ranking for. He came to me to ask for my opinion, and after spending a lot of time looking at the site, I was none the wiser. The link profile was very natural, the links were coming from high-quality websites. It was not until he said how he got his backlinks.

The penny suddenly dropped. He was using the cheapest possible way to get links back to his client site and make an ROI from his client’s fairly small SEO budget. This is the problem with SEO today. People want to see results tomorrow rather than understand that SEO can sometimes take a matter of years. My friend fell into the trap of getting his client fast results in order to keep his client. In fact, what he was doing ended up doing the exact opposite.

Another problem that can be an issue is when SEOs create solely 400 to 500-word articles. This is a dead giveaway that the link building is being manufactured. Why would you only have backlinks from content that is always between 400 and 500 words? If you want to hire an SEO service like Essex SEO offers, or you are an SEO, then understand that the idea of SEO is to be as random as possible.

For people hiring SEOs, you need to understand content costs money, and creating several articles with random lengths to them takes time and money. Make sure you allow your SEO the breathing space financially to build a solid SEO backlinking campaign. The alternative is standing the risk of a Google penalty and worst still deindexing.

As far as anchor texts are concerned, the same random approach needs to be taken. Sometimes I even ask my link builders to choose the anchors themselves from a list of 50. I tell them to try not to choose the same one again and again.

I always make sure that whatever happens, the SEO strategy is mixed with curated links, guest posts, social signals, NoFollow backlinks, and DoFollow backlinks. I also have one client that I have been working on for 2 years. He understands SEO and only now is he starting to make an ROI. In his niche, which is a casino, the returns for a successful 2 year SEO campaign are astronomical.

For advice on how to run a successful SEO campaign, check out sites like this one that provides SEO Essex. You need to make sure that before you commit to an SEO campaign, you understand what is involved. There are stages that need to be taken, and you should not try to rush your SEO company or someone might end up slipping up and as with the example of the curated link above, your website and your investment end up being a waste.

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