The Revolutionary Approach of Salesforce DX in Enterprise Development and its Pros and Cons

Since its release, till date, Salesforce remained one among the most trusted cloud computing platform for its user-friendliness and advanced features. Salesforce DX is the latest release from the provider, which offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) featuring a fair collection of custom application development tools. You can also leverage the Salesforce App Cloud at best, which allows the developers now to custom create and readily deploy any Salesforce app efficiently and straightforwardly. Let’s further explore some of the top Salesforce DX advantages.

Faster innovation with a high-end application development experience

Developers can now build the applications in a much more collaborative manner by ensuring continuous delivery through Salesforce DX. This more ore integrated and open approach to development reduces time and effort on this Lightning Platform.

Whether you function as an individual developer or part of a large corporate development team, Salesforce DX now puts forth customized solutions for all. By using it, you can enjoy a much integrated, end-to-end lifecycle to help ensure optimum agile development performance. Along with all these benefits, we can build it to be largely flexible and also by using the developmental practice and tools which one is comfortable with.

Source-driven developmental approach

On Salesforce DX, it is possible to shift the source of truth in order to build together. It uses an advanced Version Control System (VCS) and also enables the use of some latest collaboration technologies as Git or any comfortable test-and-build type third-party automation tools.

Salesforce CLI

With Salesforce CLI, the developers are able to propel the process of the development across the whole Lightning Platform through Salesforce Command Line Interface. It is built around open APIs, and you can also easily integrate Salesforce CLI to any developer workflow one is familiar with.

Scratch Orgs

You may emulate Salesforce org with different preferences and features inside a new environment called Scratch Org to make the development process easier. Scratch org is a source-driven environment, which is fully custom configurable. Developers can use this for development and testing and then dispose of it after deployment.

Open, Standard development experience 

On Salesforce DX, you can build with standard and open tools like Git, VS Code, Selenium, Eclipse, etc. Any such tools with the developers are comfortable with can be easily integrated with Salesforce DX with the use of open APIs. Along with these, any other tools of the open-source standard can also be considered for integration.

Managed Packaging

With the brand-new approach of Managed Packaging, the users and partners of Salesforce DX can organize metadata as well as distribute apps alongside adopting CLI-centric, source-driven approach in order to manage and automated the end-to-end app development lifecycle. This not only makes the task easier for the developers, but the expert testing of apps can also be more effective using Salesforce DX.

Extend the scope of sales and service with the ability to build apps for any purpose

On Salesforce DX, you can think of building any imaginable app for HR, marketing, sales, legal, finance or any other business functions. For business enterprises, this enables the power of giving customized applications to every department based on their unique needs and integrate all these for effective functioning. With this feature, you can enjoy:

  • Automating business process across the departments.
  • Giving each employee a customized view.
  • Connect all applications through faster and effective app integration.

With Salesforce DX in place, the business administrator can be in better control of your own apps and destiny.

Salesforce DX to digitize the processes

It can be found that Salesforce DX now help to turn the spreadsheets into functional apps. You can make your CRM much mightier by upgrading the core services with additional functionality like AI (artificial intelligence) and seamless application integration. With the advanced version you can:

  • Add more predictive capabilities into every marketing, sales, and service applications built on Salesforce DX
  • Easily and instantly integrate data from various databases, from ERP, and to and from IoT applications, etc.
  • It also helps build custom-made mobile applications.

As many technology officers certified, Salesforce DX helped them to build more and more based on the increasing amount of data from the customers into Salesforce to get a better 360-degree view and better business insights based on it. This innovative approach helped transform many businesses.

Building apps which can transform the customer experience

Salesforce DX claims to wow your customers with more personalized and smartly interacting apps. By covering their needs like live purchase, extensive service, and on-time engagement, the tools in the suite make customer handling a much enjoyable and rewarding affair. In the aspect of customer experience, some notable Salesforce DX benefits are:

  • Its capability to get embedded with future generation platforms like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.
  • Integration of Salesforce with third-party data.
  • Use any coding language to create beautiful and functional rich apps.

Salesforce DX pros and cons

To leverage the optimum potential of these tools, it is essential for the developers to understand the pros and cons of Salesforce DX before using it. As we had seen above, Production Org is kept as the primary source of truth. Customization and configuration are also covered under it. Production Org also covers any further updates and releases. The primary advantage of such an approach is that the development team will get familiarized will the entire lifecycle and its technical aspects, but it may also be a bit tough to manage in the inter-team environments. However, the version control used in Salesforce DX is seamless.

Adding to it, identifying as its con, Salesforce DX development model also doesn’t support any ongoing integration or agile developmental method. This will further make it hard for the developers and tester to do testing automation or effectively roll-back further releases. This same issue will also make it impossible to create various versions.

As an advantage of Salesforce DX, the developers get higher visibility and clarity in terms of change management using Production Org. However, as Salesforce DX is something new, it is not full-fledged with all the user-friendly features included in it yet. Salesforce DX also has a better edge in terms of implementing an agile development model and a comfortable release management schedule.

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