The Power of YouTube Tech Over Content

YouTube has over 1 million per days watching over an hour of content every day. That is a huge market that you can tap into if you have the right actionable strategies in place.

Now another stat that may interest you is the fact that 80% of people prefer vlogs, so video content, as opposed to reading written blogs. Now you only need to think about yourself and how you prefer to absorb information as an example.

In my case, I mix it up between reading article and watching videos. I find content much easier to reference when I am following instructions, forming ideas, and creating notes. I can also copy and paste the content into my notes. On the other hand, when it comes to video, I need to use software that listens to the video’s and creates a written article from the video. The points that I liked I will then copy and paste into my notes.

That does not mean I am a fan of written content or I prefer it over video content because that would not strictly be true either. I love videos when I am just starting to touch on a new topic or when I want to sit back and relax but not relax watching a film or movie. I mean the kind of work relax mood where I am happy to kick back on the sofa and put marketing videos on YouTube or Udemy to gather idea.

When Does Video Outweigh Written Content?

As I am a marketer, I need to read a lot. However, I am also a consumer. I always look for new products like the latest soccer boots, the best software to help me with time hacks such as the one mentioned above that can record YouTube videos. The best way for me to see how a software product works is to see it in action. If I am going to book a hotel, I would much rather see a video over photos.

There are so many examples where video can replace written content. Especially when showcasing how something works. In the end, many of the videos I watch will offer a way for me to go and easily buy the product or software I want to purchase after I have been persuaded that I would be making the correct purchase decision.

The way they are able to move me on to purchase, and I know this, is the call to action.

Adding Call to Actions to Video

The call to action is not just a marketing ploy, it is a helpful tool included by marketers that helps us to get to the point of purchase. As a result, a call to action on your videos is always going to be an advantage. For example, a vlog recently sent out to target the French market had a call to action with an anchor that said page d’accueil pour Acheter des vues to get people to view the multi-language home page in French language.

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