The Never Ending Smartphone Debate

The android vs. iphone debate has been going on for a few years now & it inevitably heats up whenever a new phone on either side is due for release. Google is kicking up the competition with Android Marshmallow that is rolling out to more devices and showing off Android N and a handful of interesting apps that will come later this year.

Apple continues to work on iOS 9 updates and is coming out with iOS 10 this summer, which we hope will fix a number of issues and bring the iPhone on par with Android in key areas.The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus along with iOS 9 helped Apple users catch up in a number of ways, but there are still a lot of areas where Android is hands down better than the iPhone.

For instance, the 16GB iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus options don’t offer enough room for most users, and that is the amount of storage you are stuck with until you buy a new iPhone in two years. Also, on Android, Google Maps offers transit directions in more cities, better driving directions, a deep point of interest search that works more often and it is integrated into the phone so that addresses open into Google Maps unless you choose to use an alternate mapping services. You can install Google Maps on the iPhone, but you cannot make it the default app.

Another reason why android is better is that on the iPhone you need to delete the app and re-install it to get that space back. If you are using a 16GB iPhone, you may do this once every month or two. On Android the app often includes an option to clear the cache, even if the iPhone version doesn’t. If that doesn’t work you can also clear the cache of an app in the Android software.

While the debate may go on for ages, the android mobiles are definitely more open for customization &user friendly. It comes with some of the best apps out there right now & is a game changer. Besides, some of the best mobile under 10000 are android.

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