The Legality of VPNs Explained

When you think of VPNs, what springs to mind? Is it people using them to hide their torrent downloading activities or to circumvent geo-restricted content online? Perhaps you have heard that some people use VPNs to access the Darknet?

So, surely a VPN must be illegal to use if people are using them for the above? Well, actually no. Using a VPN in itself is not illegal at all in most countries around the world. They provide numerous benefits to those that want to use them for legal purposes.

It is the people themselves that are using them for unsavory purposes that are likely to break any laws rather than the VPN itself being the issue. Downloading illegal torrents such as movies and music is essentially piracy while the Darknet is obviously known for being a place where criminals all like to hook up.

So what legal benefits does a VPN provide?

While using a VPN to do something like access Greek television (ελληνικη τηλεοραση) when outside of the country is a little unethical and technically a breach of terms at best, there are actually plenty of legal benefits to using one.

For starters, a VPN is great for security. Users can take advantage of an encrypted private network to ensure that they cannot be tracked or hacked when using the internet. 

Furthermore, privacy is another big reason why some use a VPN when online. They can surf knowing that not even their government or ISP will know what they are doing on the internet. 

Another benefit is for gamers. This might not be as common as the other benefits but gamers can connect to a VPN server in a country that is closer to the game server. The encrypted network can sometimes be faster and provide a more direct route to a server thus ensuring better ping and connection.

Which Countries is it Illegal to use a VPN?

As we previously mentioned, using a VPN is perfectly legal in most countries. However, there are some where using a VPN is banned and even illegal. Iraq, Belarus, and North Korea are the three countries where using a VPN is outright illegal. 

In other countries such as Russia and China, they are not technically illegal but their use is heavily restricted by the governments.


VPNs have actually been around longer than you might think and were certainly used for purposes other than to download pirated movies,  ελληνική τηλεόραση, or access the dark web. Businesses often used them to allow employees direct access to their business network of computers.

The point is, VPNs offer plenty of other benefits and should not always be thought of as illegal just because of a small minority of people that use them for illegal purposes. For added security and privacy, there is actually not much better than getting yourself a VPN. They don’t even cost that much from month to month either!

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