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These days, the world of technology changes even faster than fashion designers can put out clothes in their stores. While every bona fide techie knows the typical schedules of the major electronics expos by heart—the Consumer Electronics Show in January and the Mobile World Congress in February, among others—they also know that each month signals new launches from at least one of the industry bigwigs.

Recently, we discovered that BlackBerry is looking to sell, well, itself and that HTC’s partnership with Beats might come to its end. But where there’s a company struggling to keep afloat, there’s always someone else hungry to pick up the slack. Let’s take a look at the latest news from three major names in smart devices that’s got the techies excited:





During Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference last June, they announced several new products including the latest Mac Pro and MacBook Air, unveiled the much-debated iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, and proved rumors of a radio streaming service true. What we didn’t see was a new smart device to battle the host of releases from its many competitors.

Well, that’s expected to change next month. The folks at Cupertino have earmarked September 10 as D-Day, and as the date draws closer, the more the tongues go a-wagging. Will we finally see the long-awaited budget iPhone, a colorful, plastic-backed number dubbed as the iPhone 5C? What about the successor to the almost one-year-old iPhone 5, expected to be called the iPhone 5S? Some leaks point to the presence of a biometric scanner, an upgraded 128GB storage, and the new gold-slash-champagne color option. As for the iWatch, most experts tend to agree on a 2014 launch, but that hasn’t stopped designers from visualizing what this gadget might look like. Check out one of the favorite concepts by Stephen Olmstead, and eleven other contenders.


In a clever move, Samsung has snagged September 4—almost exactly a week before Apple’s event—for the unveiling of the Galaxy Gear, their answer to the booming demand for wearable technology. According to Bloomberg, this smart watch is capable of making phone calls, accessing e-mails and surfing the Web, making it a step above other wrist gadgets that merely serve up notifications from your smartphone. Although Samsung has proven during this year’s CES that unbreakable bendable displays are possible, this technology will not make an appearance in their first generation Galaxy Gear just yet.

Along with the smart watch, Samsung will also be revealing the latest in their phablet line, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 this coming September.


Just this August 1st, Motorola finally debuted the Moto X, its first flagship phone since having been acquired by Google. One of its key features is the Touchless Controls, which allows you to use its voice recognition technology by saying “Okay Google Now” without the need to wake the screen or press any buttons—it’s always listening. Another is the Active Notifications, which pushes your latest notifications to your lock screen, complete with a preview. And then there’s the Assist feature, which intuitively adjusts your phone’s settings based on your activities, like triggering the read out loud function for when you’re driving, or silencing your incoming alerts when you have a meeting scheduled.

But its biggest draw lies in the fact that you can customize your phone. With the Moto Maker, you can choose between a black or white face, then select any one of the 18 back colors and 7 accent colors. It also lets you identify your storage limit of choice—16GB or 32GB—and include a personal inscription on the back cover. Now you don’t have to be restricted to the standard black or white.

Read more about the Moto X hands-on experience on The Verge. This smartphone is expected to be out in the market by late August.

What smartphone update are you most excited for? Let us know in the comment box below!

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