The Keys for Long Lasting Brakes

Needless to say, if you own a car, you know how important brakes are to your safety and your car’s functionality…

Unreliable brakes are one of the most popular recipes for accidents!

Also, living in a highly condensed area where you have a lot of traffic lights and where you have to keep breaking and moving constantly is also a big reason behind worn-out brakes.

It is known that bad driving habits are what decide how long your brakes last, but what you don’t know is the fact that you can extend the life of your brakes far more than your average driver knowing this…

Don’t Step on it

What eats through your brakes the most is driving at high speeds…

That’s because the faster you go, the more friction happens on your brakes, and that costs you strain on your braking system and eats more material out of your brakes… one more thing to note is that a bad braking system is easily noticed in test drives and this will decrease the value of your car a lot if you ever decide to sell it.

The best thing you can do here is stick to the speed limit.

One Pedal at a Time

This is popular amongst new drivers a lot, but you shouldn’t get used to leaving your foot lightly on the brakes.

That’s what we call “brake riding”

Some people think leaving their foot lightly pressing on the brakes will give them better response time, but what they don’t know is that it’s disastrous for their brake systems and materials.

Imagine a car accelerating with its brake lights on! That’s a clear sign the person driving will probably lose their brakes in a really short while because the constant friction that creates eats through their brakes like a hot knife through butter.

Leave one foot to deal with both pedals! Your left shouldn’t be involved at all.

Keep a Safe, Good Distance

When you’re driving behind a car, don’t stick to their butt!

When you follow too close to someone, you’re locking yourself to their route and speed, this means you will be constantly braking and accelerating, which will cause more wear and tear to your braking system.

All you have to do is drive at a safe distance (3 – 4) meters, which will allow you to drive more smoothly and have more control on the road you take and lowering the chances of an accident at the same time.

Plus, no one exactly loves a tailgater… you don’t want to make people not comfortable.

Keep it Light

All you have to do is get rid of the unnecessary burden you carry…

The less heavy your car is, the less work your brakes have to do to bring the vehicle to a full stop.

Also, you might want to take into account all the additions you make to your car. Because many counterparts tend to be heavier on the vehicle than their originals.

Keep this rule in mind: “The lighter the weight you put on your car, the lighter the weight you put on your brake system, tire rubber, gas, and most importantly, your bank account.”

A Secret Technique for People Who Care

We call it “coasting”… it’s like leaving your car to brake on its own weight by taking your foot of the gas and letting the car slow down by itself before you need to hit the brakes.

Of course, you’re not going to be doing it in highly condensed areas (or when you’re tailgating) but it’s really good for long travels or when you have a long, clear road in front of you.

Coast to that red light. You don’t need to hit the brakes right before you get to it.

Engine Braking

Another technique for manual gear veterans (and some automatic cars) not everyone has what it takes to do this…

You can use it on a gravel road, a steep hill, or down a mountain…

If you don’t want to strain your brakes, you can gradually shift down with your gears, this will slow the car down using the transmission because by shifting to the lower gear the harder it is will be for the torque to turn the gears and thus slowing the car down gradually.

You have to be careful not to shift to a lower gear at an inappropriate speed, because it will damage your transmission.

Author: Sultan Asad

Sultan Asad is the Branding Manager at WeBuyCarsDXB. More than 5000 customers from all over the UAE have chosen We Buy Cars DXB as a trustworthy car selling service that provides a hassle-free way for any person selling their car by taking care of the deal front to end in under 30 minutes.Get more acquainted with their hassle-free way to buy a car in under 30 minutes at WeBuyCarsDXB.

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