The iPod – a Technological Marvel

In these times of communications marvel, there are some technological wonders that surpass the rest. One of these technological marvels that is on a class of its own is the IPod. It has several special features that place it on a pedestal amidst other communication gadgets. It has featured iTunes intergration, a click wheel and a slim form among other features that are going to be discussed in this article.

When it comes to Audio, a 160 GB iPod can store up to forty thousand songs (40,000). The iPod search key enables you   key in all the songs, artists and albums you need.  IPods support MP3, AAC, and WAV, AIFF, audible Audio files and Apple lossless are other features you are going to get with the iPod. With an iPod, you are able to down load songs from the iTunes store and rip music from CDs.

The iPod is great in car integration. The iPod can integrate with the   car player beautifully with the sound system. Most custom-made car stereos support iPod integration. The user can control the iPod by use of the steering wheel unit or the head unit.

The ipod comes with a Video that is capable of doing more than 100 hours of video. Some iPod videos can do more than 200 hours. Using the iPod, you can play music videos, feature films, podcasts and TV shows.  You can also play   your own DVDs.  It is possible to encode home videos through QuickTime Pro while at the same time downloading your own players through iTunes.

The IPod touch comes equipped with icloud that allows your computer to bond tightly with your PC, iphone, Mac and IPad. The icloud is critical in storing applications, latest photos, games, music and many more. It makes them to be accessible to your other devices. Your email calendar and contacts are going to be safe with   the IPod, courtesy of icloud. To make it more interesting, it is all automatic. You do not have to syn, manage or do anything that is going to task you. It is fantastic.

With Face Time, you are going to make yourself-understood even when your are separated by oceans. This is because your are going to be talking face to face. The iPod is equipped with a special camera that   is the perfect tool in making FaceTime distance video calls. Your friends and family are going to see your gasps, your laughs and all that is in front of you. Your employees are going to see your anger. Your family sees you live and with all the accompanying effects.

You can print anything you want with the IPod touch. Through the ipod touch Wi-Fi, you can print tickets, photos and anything that you want to print. All this you do without uploading software and connecting some cables. By just tabbing, you can get yourself a printed copy of what you have been reading. Voice control is another special feature that distinguishes the iPod touch.   You are going to make your words have extraordinary power with the iPod touch. This enables you to give audible commands to your   iPod.

You are going to get games with the iPod touch. There are several entertaining stuff that you can do with the IPod touch. You can check the celebrity gossip columns using your iPod. You can shoot videos and plank photos. The iPod comes with the best operating system the iOS. This operating system enables you to read, browse and see all what you want to see by only touching the screen. The apps that are included in the iPod touch are numerous.  This technological marvel is still evolving.


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