The importance of VPN for online privacy– A brief guide

Nothing is private online. Almost whatever you do can be tracked. And this makes you feel like you are being watched always online. It’s not only you. Many more users online complain of the same feeling. Many users feel like every activity of theirs are getting tracked and traced. And that’s quite true too. If you were not tracked down, then how would you get search results and advertisements on your screen which relates to your area and preferences? These are just basic examples. There are many more such examples, which will prove to you that you are really tracked for everything you do online.

Whatever information you put online to whatever you read and buy and all are traced by search engine bots. Search engines and websites do this kind of tracking just to give you a better environment to operate online and make things handy for you. But this is not very comfortable for you, especially when you are dealing with sensitive data. That is why, if you are concerned that your sensitive data will also get tracked, and this can cause a data theft or havoc, then it’s high time you think about the next level of internet security. And this is the Virtual Private Network also better known as VPN.

The main reasons you would use VPN

The main reason for users to try and use a VPN is internet security. For complete online security, so that all your information stays secure, and none can trace your data, the safest route is VPN. The two major benefits you enjoy from using a VPN connection are:

  • Your signals are totally covered in a secure environment by encryption. This means data gets coded into such a form which gets unreadable and untraceable for anything and anyone. This makes all activity online purely secret and secured.
  • When you use a VPN, your IP address cannot be tracked. Your IP gets altered to those who would like to trace you. You would look like using a computer from another location, city or country. Even the device type would also look different.

When you get covered against all such trackers, then you can actually enjoy serious assignments and also many fun activities on the internet using a VPN. The only visible downside to using a VPN, apart from it being paid is that you get a slower internet speed. However, this little compromise is borne by all VPN users just because they can enjoy a lot and make out so much from this secure type of connection.

Watch content online which are restricted to geographic locations

If you are interested in watching a TV series, web series, some video or movie online, which is being played on a site that restricts access to users outside a geographic zone, then you can use VPN. The service will camouflage your IP and would show you to be in that geographic area which you want to show off. This way, you can get unrestricted access to web content of an area which is otherwise restricted to people outside the area.

Sharing of P2P files

For the sake of privacy and for stopping piracy most authorities do not allow P2P file sharing in most countries. That is why for seamless P2P file sharing to get access to content without a problem, you can use VPN service. This way you may download and watch movies too easily, download songs and games and more. Do not worry about the slowing bandwidth during the process because your access to files otherwise restricted gets totally unrestricted.

Use any public internet connection without worrying

If you are about to use a public Wi-Fi connection or a hotel Wi-Fi connection, as you generally do in airports, railway stations, etc., then you may not feel secure about your transactions and data security. This can make you feel miserable. Here VPN comes into good use and helps you feel totally secure as your use that same internet connection while your data gets cloaked by secure encryption and you work in a secure internet secure environment.

Break open restrictions even in controlled environments

Schools, colleges, offices, etc. have a secure internet environment. They use many security software and securing programs which restricts users to access all the information they want from these places. A VPN helps here and can help you access all that you need without any monitoring and restriction. You can use the VPN to access anything, download anything, and simply feel secure and free even in the most restricted software monitored environment too.

VOIP call security on VPN

Even average level hackers can eavesdrop VOIP calls through commonly used VOIP services. To ensure total security during such chatting and calling, you can use a VPN. If you use a secure VPN connection then your calls would be secure, your data would stay secure, and you would feel comfortable.

No trackable search history

Even the incognito mode of the browser does not save you from trackers of search engines which VPN can. Every search of yours get tracked, and this is a fact. If you want to feel totally secure and want to keep no imprints of your web activity, then you should switch to VPN use. Here your browsing history and search history would not be kept track of.

Get custom searches

When you are traveling out of your geographic area, you may feel secluded online too, because due to a change in the area, your device would get different notifications and searches. This you may avoid through the use of VPN. If through VPN you tune your area to be your home area, when still on the go, then you need not worry again about custom results of searches, etc. You can check out with for VPN services.


VPN services are paid, but when you pay annually for the whole year, then you get heavy discounts too. And the amount of internet security and online data security you enjoy with a VPN, actually makes this investment on the fees truly worthy.

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