The Importance And Cost Of SEO

The 21st century internet is a highly competitive marketplace. To elect not to have a website is pretty much brand suicide. However, there are nearly a billion active websites in existence, all peddling their services in an online version of the hawking our ancestors used to witness in market squares (or as Christina Rossetti’s goblins called, “Come buy, come buy”). The key, therefore, is to stand out from the crowd, and that’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in. No one wants to be on Page 2 of Google search results (you may as well leave the rat race and move to a cabin in the woods). Expert SEO makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Fixed Price vs. Custom

Choosing the right SEO company has been likened to hiring the right mechanic: pick well and the price won’t break the bank, but pick badly and you might very well wish SEO never existed. As with almost everything these days, SEO services are not free (unlike some internships). How much does SEO cost? Well, cost does vary dependent on whether your company has a one-time project or ongoing needs. Obviously, the former will come with a fixed price, while a longer relationship of indefinite nature will result in monthly outgoings that might very well fluctuate according to services rendered. Nevertheless, these custom digital marketing campaigns are more popular than fixed-quote packages, as they employ extensive analytics and content strategy and development for the vision of tomorrow.

Your brand’s target market is also an important factor (the wider, the more expensive the SEO costs). Another factor is how many pages there are on your website, and even how much content is on those pages, as an SEO firm will consider URLs, HTML, and layout when considering keywords and other aspects of their services. Don’t panic, though. If you’re a local business with a fixed geographic location, the price won’t run away to the ridiculous. If your services have global sights, however, or are involved in high-end webhosting, then the SEO cost will definitely skyrocket. In short, the minimum cost will be in the hundreds, ranging through the thousands for mid-level, all the way to prices not to be spoken for high-end.

From Web to Mobile and Beyond

Of course, the internet isn’t just accessed via a computer these days. You only have to leave the front door to be struck by the sight of innumerable blue-lit faces intently engaged with handheld devices. To this end, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) have been in development since 2015, making sure that opening a company page on a mobile device doesn’t become a snail race. Users just don’t have the time to wait anymore. A page must open almost immediately or potential clients will look elsewhere.

In conjunction with AMPs, voice search is being refined in combination with GPS, whereby spoken words are matched to the accepted national language of the country of location to aid in translation. The world of SEO really is ever-changing and more important than ever before. It is, in short, a critical investment in the modern marketplace.

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