The Good and Bad of the iPad

It’s very exciting to own an iPad since it opens you up to a whole new level of mobile applications and other IT-related functions. It’s basically a touch screen, low-level MacBook.

But just like any piece of technology, it has its highlights and its issues. For prospective buyers out there or those rethinking their purchase, here are the things that are good and are bad about the new iPad.

The Good:

  1. It’s very pretty. Possibly the prettiest tablet out there. It’s sleek, simple and elegant and you instantly know that it’s an iPad. Even when tablets are supposed to look basically the same, Apple has managed to create an iconic device.
  2. It’s easy to use. When Apple boasts that they have the best user experience ever, you know they’ve got something to back it up. The iPad doesn’t come with a manual since you just have to use it intuitively. What you usually think will work to do something is actually how it’s designed. Even toddlers can use it without any trouble.
  3. Largest selection of apps.

There are roughly 500,000 apps in the Apple App Store and counting, as new and better mobile applications are developed every day. Great apps like RingCentral (, Evernote (, FlipBoard ( and Instagram ( may be available for free or for a minimal fee. This doesn’t include the vast library of music, movies and series that you can get from the Apple Store as well.

  1. The display

Retina display is so sharp and clear, you sometimes feel like you’re using something that’s made of glossy paper.

The Bad:

  1. It’s damn expensive. Getting an iPad is quite an investment, especially if you acquire the 3G version. What you pay for when you buy a device like this is the brand and something that has specs that are lower than what similar-priced tablets have.
  2. They update quickly. Being loyal to the brand is rewarding but expensive as well. They always come out with a new version of the device a few months after selling the previous version. If you want to keep up, expect to be changing devices every few months. Sometimes, this can irk customers as it feels very much like a ploy to extract more money for a few additional features.
  3. They’re very hard to repair. When you break an iPad it usually needs to be taken to the Apple Store where you have to wait a few days to weeks before it’s repaired. If you’re under warranty, they can probably go as far as to replace your unit if they can’t find any way to fix it. But if they can, expect that you won’t get it back for a few weeks.