The Best of Black: Seven Apps You Must Have for Your BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry strived to ensure the success of its BlackBerry 10 platform. But the app store still remains a huge stumbling block for users. Populated with over 100,000 apps by the time the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone made its debut, and with new apps added every day, it’s hard to find the best apps. Even worse is the glaring absence of popular apps built for Android and iOS. Still, BlackBerry World is expanding, and users are discovering new and exciting apps to enhance their BlackBerry experience. Here are a few popular BlackBerry 10 apps that you shouldn’t go without.


BeWeather 10

If you’ve been using BeWeather on previous BlackBerry operating systems, it will be one of the first apps to download once you upgrade to BlackBerry 10. This app – designed specifically for BlackBerry- provides current and future weather forecasts. All forecasts come directly from Weather Underground, so they’re remarkably accurate.

The app uses GPS to determine your location, but you can insert specific locales if you want to. You’ll receive weather advisories as soon as they’re available – very handy if you’re keeping an eye on a breaking event. Like most BlackBerry 10 apps, this app offers numerous customization and management options. BeWeather is free, but you can upgrade to the pro version and skip the ads altogether.

Paper Camera

Paper Camera is not restricted to the BlackBerry 10 platform, but it is a must have app to boost the image-editing abilities of the BlackBerry 10 OS. It offers numerous filters and effects to enhance your pictures and videos. Use it to add comic book style illustrations and dot-matrix prints to your photos. You can also adjust the contrast and brightness of your images. Early users of the app complained about issues when editing videos, but the developers took note and solved the problem. Paper Camera is not free, but the small fee of $1.99 is definitely worth the investment.

Slacker Radio and Songza

There are many Internet radio apps available for BlackBerry 10, but Songza and Slacker Radio are two apps that truly stand out. Use these apps to listen to different music artists or genres without skipping through an expansive library. Both apps are free, but their navigations are different. With Slacker, you can search for different artists and listen to music stations that offer music similar to your search topic. Songza is best used when you need music to fit a particular mood. Download both apps because they’re worth the space on your BlackBerry.

Gadget Box

Gadget Box is a handy toolbox built into your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. The app includes tools for hanging pictures on the wall and levelling tables. It also includes a compass to place GPS markers at certain locations; an adjustable flashlight that makes use of the camera’s flash; a speedometer; a protractor; a unit conversion calculator; a height and distance estimator; and much more.

A few of the built-in utilities leaves a lot to be desired, but overall, it’s a handy app to have. The app costs $1.99 on BlackBerry World, and with all the included utilities, it’s a no-brainer.

Splashtop HD Remote Desktop HD

Splashtop has been available for the Android platform for some time, and Android users can attest to the value this app offers. The remote desktop tools provide access to the files on your Mac and PC. Splashtop is now available for BlackBerry 10, and while connecting to a Mac is still touch and go, it will connect seamlessly to your PC. Use the app to access your files, or stream video and audio from your computer to your smartphone. The app is still a work in progress, but at a cost of $4.99, you can expect the developers to be hard at work to bring the app on par with the Android version.


Before Dropbox released this official app, BlackBerry users had to rely on the Connect to Dropbox app. Now you can sync your files from your BlackBerry Z10 to your computer with this Dropbox app. Dropbox is an integral part of the lives of most business professionals, and the free app connects your computers to your mobile devices and vice-versa. With the safe and secure access, you can open images and other media, browse files in your computer’s Dropbox folder, share links to your files, upload photos to all your computers simultaneously, and export files to other apps.

LinkedIn and Neatly For Twitter

Keep up with your business contacts on LinkedIn with LinkedIn’s app for BlackBerry 10. The app offers most of the Web features, including the home page stream and updates from your connections, groups, inbox, recommendations from your connections, and your profile page. Although the app is still a bit barebones, you can post updates and search for people.

Sadly, the official Twitter app for BlackBerry 10 lacks a lot. It’s slow, does not support multiple accounts, and lacks some essential features. But don’t despair, you can use Neatly for Twitter to stay on top of your Tweets. The app is not perfect, but it supports multiple accounts and has some other unique features that you can use to your advantage on your BlackBerry smartphone.  Neatly for Twitter costs $2.99 – and definitely worth downloading if you’re not a fan of the official Twitter app.



BlackBerry 10 is targeted for business professionals, but there are a lot of features designed with entertainment in mind. If you’re a film buff, Flixster for BlackBerry 10 will let you check movie reviews, find out what’s showing at your local theatre, keep up with new DVD releases, and buy tickets online using The native app runs a bit slow, but it provides the information you need to keep on top of your movies. Flixster for BlackBerry 10 is available for free on BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry has acknowledged that some key apps are still missing from the app store, but they’re working hard to find partners to increase the offerings. Most network providers in Singapore support the 4D requirements. In the meantime, start with the must have apps listed above and keep an eye on the app store for other exciting offerings.

Greg West is a small business owner and father of three. An avid blogger, he likes to relax by writing about his experiences on a variety of websites.