The Best Mobile Alternatives For Samsung and Apple Users

The giants Samsung and Apple have ruled the mobile phone industry for years now. It’s hard for competitors to enter the market with the same edge that these two companies can deliver. That’s about to change, though, and here’s why. 

Samsung shifted its focus toward the next big step in mobile device innovation, folding glass screens. The issue is that the fragility issues which come with folding screens have set back their release date again, and again. The hype is there, but the product isn’t available. 

Apple, on the other hand, has turned away from its traditional hyper-focused, super-slim, product line business model. Now with options such as the iPhone X, XS, XR, and XS Max, it seems like Apple is providing four variations of the same product at three different price points. 

While these two companies have been running in circles, Huawei, Google, and Sony have come out to play. 

Huawei Mate X 

Who is Huawei? Well, you may not have heard of them, but outside of the U.S., they are just another cell phone giant. They produce what many people regard as the best phones available. The issue that Huawei has had, even as recently as a few weeks ago, is that their close ties to the Chinese government just generally doesn’t bode well. It makes other governments, including the U.S., a little hesitant to make them accessible to the general public. 

All the scandal and conspiracy aside, the Huawei Mate X has some of the best specs available. A quick highlight of what to expect with this September release:

  • Foldable glass display
  • 5G connectivity 
  • Dual-battery with fast charging

Those three are substantial specs, and there’s no doubt that Huawei can deliver. Unlike Samsung, they have not released issues with their foldable design, which brings their phone into an 8-inch tablet. They were at the forefront of 5G connectivity on an international scale and have used fast charging dual-battery designs previously. Essentially, Huawei may be the reason behind your internet speed

If Huawei Mate X makes it into the States, there is no doubt that it could put both Apple and Samsung at risk of losing a significant portion of their customer base. 

Google’s Pixel 4 

Is it no surprise that Google is releasing another smartphone? The difference with the Pixel 4 will rely entirely on a new set of features such as:

  • Radar sensors to read “in the air” hand gestures
  • Multiple camera array for depth perception and enhanced image capture
  • Android Q

Unlike its predecessors, Google Pixel isn’t using a base of generally decent hardware to support a vanilla Android OS. Instead, Google is hitting hard by rolling out a ton of new features. The most sought after is the ability to read hand gestures. You may still be sliding your finger across a screen, but you may also be able to wave a hand over your phone to silence it. 

Google has done it again and taken a note from science fiction rather than trying to increase screen size. Leaving folding glass to the other competitors, they are instead focusing on enhancing long-term usability. 

Android Q, it’s worth mentioning, is finally starting to hedge in on a few Apple features which have kept Apple users for so long. The rumor is that Android Q will have Wi-Fi sharing, frequent updates, and more. 

Sony Xperia 1

The original Sony Xperia promised a lot and was an overall lackluster experience. The Xperia 1 is not promising so much and is already showing its capabilities. Sony is leaning back on its other products such as their gaming systems and computers and industry-leading camera technology. 

Sony developed the Xperia 1 with a 6.5-inch screen that has a 4K OLED HDR display. Then they brought in a 21:9 ratio to recreate the look of a film. The Xperia uses a similar technology that Sony has for its televisions to deliver brilliant and accurate color. 

Additional features include an eye-locking focus which uses the subject’s eyes to focus the camera. This feature with the 12-MP standard, 12-MP telephoto, and 12-megapixel super wide lens makes for an excellent choice for anyone regularly filming video or snapping photos.  

Emily Jacobs is Happiness Ambassador for SpeedCheck.orgShe loves to write latest technology trends and love to share her knowledge through her articles.