The Best Free iPad Apps for Children to Learn

kid-ipadI don’t know about you but truly, the iPad can be your young child’s best door towards learning. No kidding. Given the right app of course.

However, hold to your horses. Before you start your downloads make sure you have childproofed your i-device. For starters, it is important that you turn your in-app purchases off. Failing to do socan be disastrous; it canheap up your expenses in no time.

Also, putting your iPad in a suitable iPad keyboard case can greatly enhance the fun learning experience of your child.

Below are 5 of the best iPad apps that I have personally researched, tested (with myson) and compiled. In short, these are the best free apps that can help your child learn.

  • Wheels on the Bus (All in One Educational Activity Center)

For all the wonderful activities that this app can bring to your child, this one deserves a standing ovation.Really. For my son, his personal favorite is the unique coloring book. Just one tap on a color and another tap on a drawing getsthat specific area painted. Just like that.

Just don’t be confused though. There is an interactive book that comes with the same name.

Price: FREE

  • Agnitus – Games for Learning

Not only does Agnitus give a wide range of activities and free games, this app lets you keep track of the progress of your child. Just like a report card. This app can easily be a fave for toddlers as young as 2 years old. And should you want to widen your options, more activities are available with in-app purchases.

Price: FREE

  • Our Christmas Wishes

It may not be Christmas yet but this app can easily become a great gift for your child. And it teaches your toddler the joy in gift-giving and of unwrapping presents – in the spirit of Christmas of course.

My son’s favorite is giving the Christmas tree its vibrant colors. Who says you can only have real fun during the yuletide season has not seen this app.

Price: FREE

  • Abby Monkey: Preschool and Kindergarten

This app comes with a paid version but many users have settled with the free version with all the fun activities that comes with it. From matching shapes to assembling your own train, this app can easily trigger genuine interest for learning from your child. Best for 2 year olds. Younger children may find this app well, a little challenging.

Price: FREE

  • Laugh & Learn: Shapes & Colors

This one is designed to make learning as fun as possible for your child. And you don’t even have to get Fisher Price’s accessory to get the fun started for this app. A tap on the screen and  shapes can be built right before your toddler’s eyes. And introduce your young one to music with its fun keyboard.

This app can give your child a head start in identifying shapes and colors in no time at all. While having loads and loads of fun.

Price: FREE

This list is based on real experience. Since these apps are free, the best way to know how good these apps are is by letting your child try it. The proof is definitely in the playing.