The Benefits of Oracle Certification

Oracle Certified Professionals are some of the most sorts after IT experts in the market. Also commonly referred to as OCP, Oracle Certified Professionals have the skills and knowledge needed to work with a wide range of Oracle solutions.

Since its inception into the market, Oracle has continued to introduce fresh installations with an aim of meeting the ever changing consumer demand. This in turn has led to an increased demand for Oracle certified professionals. Regrettably, the supply has not been able to satisfy the demand.

The Oracle Certified Professional Certification will enable you to greatly increase your visibility in the market, thus enabling you to be eligible for some the plum jobs in the market. As pointed out earlier, the demand for certified Oracle professionals is extremely high. Therefore, the only way through which you can be certain that you will qualify for the best jobs is to be certified in Oracle database.

OCP will allow you to identify the skills and expertise which employers are looking for in IT professionals. Note that, while shortlisting candidates to hire, employers search for distinct skills and qualifications. College diplomas and degrees are not enough to assure you a place in the job market. Since employers are also not willing to invest more money in employee training, you need to pursue Oracle Certified Professional Certification if you plan to work as a database administrator in the foreseeable future. Oracle Certification Program functions in enabling the ICT sector determines a level of competency within core entry-level as well as professional job descriptions.

With Oracle Certification Program, you will have an edge over your peers. Oracle Certified Professionals have spoken of the values that Oracle Certification Programs offer. Salaries and bonuses come as added advantage. However, the major benefit of being an Oracle Certified Professional is the prestige and stature that the course comes with. The fact that you have the skills, knowledge and qualification needed to work with different types of Oracle products and solutions.

The following are some of the statistics collected in regards to Oracle Certification:

–          97% plus of IT professionals agree that they greatly benefited from Oracle Certification.

–          89% plus of IT professionals concurs that they had an increased sense of confidence as a result of being certified.

–          97% plus of Oracle Certified Professionals will without a second thought recommend the certification program to colleagues.

In a nutshell, Oracle Certification benefits IT professionals in the following ways:

–          Increased job opportunities.

–          Recognition by industry leading service providers.

–          Better pay and perks.

–          Increased credibility.

You will also be able to utilize the Oracle Certified Professional logo when endorsing your products and services.

But, is Oracle Certification Program only beneficial to the employee? Listed below are ways through which employers benefit from Oracle certification:

–          Use of Oracle logo in advertisements: Employers will be able to utilize the Oracle logo when promoting their products and services.

–          Customer satisfaction: If your employer is in the business of offering IT products and solutions, chances are that his or her clients will feel more confident in the services being offered to them.


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