Technology in the Twenty-First Century

Technology, by definition, means the application of scientific knowledge for practical use. The use of the term, however, has significantly evolved over time. Although the word, “technology” is still prominently referred to as applied science in the 21st century, it is more commonly used in the vernacular language to refer to consumer electronics.

As its definition, the way we make use of the advances in technology has also changed. What once was only a luxurious acquisition by those that can afford it, technology has now become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. With computers, tablets and smartphones continuously altering our lifestyles, technology is, without a doubt, now a major driving force to reckon with when it comes to shaping our future.

Perhaps, one of the most utilized piece of technology today is the iPad. In just a decade or so, Apple has come up with a number of products that earned global acceptance, appreciation and praise. However, it is the iPad that seems to be the gadget that has found a purpose for virtually everyone. With new applications (or apps) popping up every now and then, this brilliantly designed portable device has tons of benefits to offer anyone who would use it.

For entrepreneurs, the iPad has revolutionized how they do business. For starters, there are so many administrative and business operation tasks that can be performed on the iPad that usually take a lot of human hours to accomplish. With the iPad taking care of certain functions in the office, its human counterpart can take on other tasks in need of his or her focus. In addition to that, the iPad allows business owners and employees alike to be mobile. Gone are the days when employees have to tackle piles and piles of paperwork for documentation. Today’s society is all about going paperless, allowing the entrepreneur and his or her team to carry around pages of pertinent documents in their portable device everywhere they go.

The iPad has a wide variety of apps that can make virtually every department in a company function more efficiently. In the sales department, there is an intelligently developed sales app for iPad that allows the salesperson to connect with both the company’s headquarters and the customers easily. This sales app gives the salesperson the privilege to access business files and documents quickly while traveling. It also allows him or her to access old and new catalogs that they can instantly present to their clients or prospective clients, process product orders, make changes on those orders and check order updates no matter where they are.

Twenty-first century technology has helped us achieved so many things that we have never imagined to achieve as recent as 10 years ago. We have evolved in the way we think and function. Without a doubt, doing business armed with all these technological achievements has become exponentially easier.


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