Tech Innovations Your Business Should Know About

The modern business landscape has enabled speedy innovations in technology. If you’re thinking of creative ways to improve and promote your products or services, check out these cool tech innovations and the ingenious ways they’ve been used by other companies.

Augmented Reality (AR)

If you want to make jaws drop, augmented reality is definitely one way to do it. Although not really a new technology, AR only became popular in the ad world around 2008. AR, to put it simply, allows you to blend virtual with real. Digital images interact with physical objects, allowing audiences to observe and experience worlds beyond their imagination.  Here are a few examples of brands that have awed customers with their use of AR:

  • Starbucks downed its first shot of AR during the 2011 Holiday season when it allowed customers to animate their red coffee cups using the Starbucks Cup Magic app on their smartphones. Use the app to produce animations with five characters – a boy and his dog, an ice skater, a squirrel, and a fox. You can even interact with the characters by tapping on the screen.
  • Lynx (Axe) put up signs in London’s Victoria Station telling commuters to look at a giant video screen. Participants were instantly entertained by images of themselves with beautiful Lynx angels.
  • The Marvel/Wal-mart marketing tie-up makes use of AR graphics to help merchandise Avengers products from Wal-Mart stores. Using an AR app you can download for free; you get to play as an Avenger superhero for the day and whip some bad-guy asses or, at least, take a picture with your favorite Avenger. You start off playing with Hawkeye, but if you want to unlock the other Avengers, simply point your smartphone on one of the QR-coded Avengers placards distributed throughout 3,500 Wal-Mart locations.

Cloud computing

It seems that everything today is done in the cloud. There are countless online tools in the cloud such as Salesforce apps and Dropbox.  Phone system providers are also taking advantages of cloud services to create useful phone innovations that would make your business run more efficiently than ever. Presently, experts have been predicting the death of legacy phone systems because of the rising popularity of the cloud phone systems or the virtual PBX. One such company that’s been in the forefront of SMB phone system innovation is RingCentral. Just recently, the company unveiled the new RingCentral Cloud Touch Phone System which you can conveniently set-up yourself using your mobile gadgets. Aside from usual cloud phone features such as virtual extensions, toll free numbers, Internet Fax, advanced voicemail and advanced call routing, Cloud Touch empowers users with the following features:

  • Presence – Now, users can see through their mobile devices which colleagues are on their phones.
  • Touch platform – Easily manage your phone system using RingCentral’s full touch screen capabilities.
  • Fax Connect – The first Internet fax provider that lets you fax from Google Docs, Box, and Dropbox.

QR codes

QR codes, like AR, aren’t new technology. But rising smartphone adoption and barcode scanning apps have made them very useful in creative marketing. Aside from the Marvel/Wal-Mart, another company that has used QR codes in marketing is Tesco. The supermarket giant enticed Korean shoppers with virtual stores on metro stations and subways. To add products on their shopping carts, shoppers only had to scan QR codes on life-like images in the virtual stores. You can also put QR codes on your products to provide customers with instant information. For example, scanning QR codes in wines tells you the vineyard, the grape used, and ordering details.

These tech innovations will surely prove useful for business.  In what other ways can they be used for your organization?