Stay Connected With Your Child At All Times; Use A Cell Monitoring Software

One of the finest blessings from GOD is indeed your children and they should indeed be nourished and taken care with all the love in the world. Most parents believe that once they have helped their child cross their infant age, they can feel free to relax. This is the time when they are gravely mistaken. Teenage is the time when your child requires the most attention from you. Many teenagers tend to get stuck up in drugs and other hideous acts. A cell monitoring software could turn out to be a great help for parents by helping them keep their child’s cell phone usage under control.

What Is Phoggi?
Phoggi is a really useful cell monitoring software that updates parents with all the details related to their kid’s cell phone usage. Without letting your child even know about it, Phoggi runs secretly inside their phone. You need not worry about any feature inside your kid’s cell phone getting disturbed during the installation process and you get to monitor them anytime you want to and from anywhere in the world.

Suitable Handsets:
iPhone models up to iPhone 4S and BlackBerry models running on OS 5.0 or higher than that are fully compatible with Phoggi. Even LG, Google, Samsung, hTC, Huawei, Motorola, Acer, Sony, Dell and other Android phones running on OS 2.1 or above are fully suitable handsets with this monitoring software. Simply connect to the internet and use your personal log-in details to gain unlimited access to your Phoggi member’s area. Here you will be provided with all the data that is stored inside the cell phone of your child.

Internet Monitoring:
Complete web browsing history of children including the pages bookmarked by them are shown to parents with the help of Phoggi. Parents may even access all the e-mail messages of their children.

Geo Location:
With the help of this feature of Phoggi, parents can trace out the exact location of their children at any time they want to. This feature works with the help of the GPS navigator inside your child’s cell phone.

A Lovely App:
A cell monitoring software indeed takes away all your worries. This app does the complete monitoring of your kid on your behalf and lets you relax your mind. I’m in love with Phoggi, soon you will be too.