Startup phenomenon and why a roadmap plan is important

Most things start off as a rage and few have the potential and understanding to nurture and foster growth. The Startup phenomenon which storms the global landscape is also one such excruciating example. Every other day we hear stories of tons of startups being launched and also many closed down because of many reasons.

The youth are more bit by the startup bug more than anyone else. The launching of a startup conveys high level of energy and the youth or the fresh graduates simply want to capitalize on this. Besides the entrepreneurial seat, which a start-up offers is also very lucrative to these startup aspirants.

But all is not as rosy as it seems. Many startups fail to see the light of the day and the reasons for this are many. One of the crucial reasons for this is also ineffective or lack of roadmap planning. Here we shall try to analyze the importance of Roadmap planning and the benefits of it and how it is critical to the growth of a start-up.

Singular vision

A well laid out roadmap template can help to define a singular vision within an organization. If all is charted out well in the Roadmap plan then it is easier for all to follow and plan as per the needs of the Roadmap and the timelines laid out in the plan.

Concentrated effort

Most of the successes within a startup are a team effort and the team works in tandem if they are given a clear outline of things to follow. There is more synergy within the team as all their thoughts and actions are aligned to a common goal. And since they are clear in the objectives their work would be more focused.


A strategically well laid out roadmap plan will foster growth and increase productivity. Most times start-ups suffer from a lack of focus. They start out as a rage and are not in sync with the long term goals. On the contrary, when these startups work with a strategic plan then their energies are more aligned and hence boost the overall productivity.  

On-time delivery of the key Deliverables

The timeline presented on the road map allows for a timely delivery of the key deliverables. Once it is clearly laid out then it is easier to accomplish the goals and hence the output is timely.

Better fund management

Funds are a key for any startup. To enable them to succeed in the marketplace they need to have better fund management. An effective Roadmap Plan helps to manage the funds better and to know well in advance when more funds are required to keep going. This would also enable the startup to root for new angel investors in advance and so there is no need for a break because of lack of funds.

The above listed are a few key factors which enable startups to function better if they have an effective roadmap plan in place.