Start Making Your Life Easier, Send An Internet Fax

You probably are one of the few who still have not heard of the terms Internet fax and e-faxing. If you still find yourself tied to the outmoded way of sending fax messages via the traditional fax machine, then it’s time you get yourself acquainted with Internet fax. You might just be surprised with the wonders of sending fax messages via e-mail.



Internet fax is simply the process of sending and receiving faxes online through the aid of a computer and a reliable Internet connection. In essence, this service simply does what a conventional fax machine would. When you use Internet fax, you get all the benefits of sending fax via a fax machine but with a lot of other advantages. Listed here are some of the advantages you would get if you choose to send an faxed document via the Internet:

1. You get to send faxes anytime and anywhere in the world.

When you choose to send an fax online, say through a provider like RingCentral, you likewise choose mobility and ease. Through Internet fax, you can receive and send faxes via the Internet anywhere and anytime as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. No longer would you be tied to receiving and sending fax only at home or in the office.

2. It’s cheap.

When you send an online fax, you only pay for the Internet connection. All else comes free. As opposed to sending faxes through a fax machine, you would have to pay for toner and fax paper and the amount you would have to pay for the maintenance of your fax machine.

If you send a fax this way, you just have to secure an e-mail account, a computer, and an Internet connection. These are all you need to start sending and receiving fax. Gone are the days when you would still need to invest in a fax machine, which everyone knows is expensive.

3. You choose to be eco-friendly.

Through online faxing methods, you help the environment. Yes, Internet faxing is environment friendly as you no longer would need to waste papers on documents, which are unnecessary. Through Internet faxing, you can select which ones you need to print, and which ones get to stay in your computer. With the use of the conventional fax machine, everything gets printed, even those which are not important.

4. Internet fax values security.

The message or the fax goes directly to the e-mail inbox of the recipient. Hence, only the intended receiver will get the chance to see your message. As opposed to the traditional way of sending fax, everyone who happens to be beside the fax machine can see the fax sent. This is highly important for businesses which regularly send and receive confidential information.

5. No more busy fax numbers.

If you often use your office fax machine, you probably have experienced the hassle of sending an Internet fax to a busy phone number. This happens most of the time to offices as fax messages are being sent and received simultaneously. The use of Internet fax eliminates this. Fax messages can be sent to you simultaneously.