Learn How to Speed Up Slow Mozilla Thunderbird on Windows 7

You must agree that slow working of Mozilla Thunderbird is very frustrating. It creates many hurdles in between of your work and sometimes, you may get so irritated that you want to throw out your system. However, have you ever ponder that what actually the cause behind such slow working of your Thunderbird email client? Do you know there are some methods using, which you can resolve this issue? If your answer is no, for both the questions and you want to know more about this, then certainly you are in the right place. In the forthcoming section of the blog, we are going to learn some techniques to speed up slow Mozilla Thunderbird on Windows 7. Before, that let us consider this query asked by a user.
User Query
“I have realized that my Mozilla Thunderbird is running very slowly from past few days. In fact, it is almost in an unusable condition. At times, I could view the chars displaying very slowly on my computer’s screen, when I typed an email. Even dragging and dropping of the emails from one to another folder becomes a tough task for me. It took around 30 or 40 seconds when I did it yesterday. Except, Thunderbird all the application are working fine. I do not know the reason behind, but it is really pathetic. Please let me know any suitable workaround that can enhance the speed of Mozilla Thunderbird and the reasons, if possible, to avoid this issue in future.”
Now, from this query, it is clear that sometimes it becomes very tough to know the exact cause of sluggish nature of Mozilla Thunderbird. Read some reasons that can cause this slow working, as mentioned in below part.

Causes Behind Slow Thunderbird Functioning

  • These are some factors, which may result in the improper working of Thunderbird:
  • Any incomplete updates in your operating system,
  • Corruption in Thunderbird file format
  • Increasing size of the mailbox,
  • Various index files of Thunderbird may also affect the working of thunderbird negatively, etc.

Now, the question is how to enhance its speed? These are some workarounds to avoid such situations or to fix the problem.

Solutions to Increase Thunderbird Speed in Windows 7

Perform these tasks on your machine to fix speed issue of Thunderbird:

  • Set Interface Options
  • Modify Thunderbird options in Preference.
  • Then, go to the Advanced>> General tab and click on Advanced options,
  • You need to set these values layers.acceleration.disabled = true
    & gfx.direct2d.disabled = false
  • Once it is done, start the Thunderbird once again.

Disable AeroGlass
If the above solution does not give the proper result, you may try this method. You need to “NoGlass” Addon that is present in Thunderbird Add-on repository. Once you, disable the AeroGlass, it results in the faster functioning of Mozilla Thunderbird.

Disable Folder Indexing

  • For this, go to Preferences
  • Then on the Advanced>> General tab
  • Finally, disable Global search
  • Clean Thunderbird Index Files
  • Now, this is another useful method as cleaning index files in very helpful for increasing the speed of Thunderbird.

Repair Corrupt MBOX Files
If the files of Thunderbird are damaged or unhealthy, they can limit Thunderbird to work appropriately. For this, users can use MBOX Converter tool. This is very helpful in the repairing the files and can speed up Mozilla Thunderbird.

Important Note: You may even use this utility to create the backup of entire data of MBOX files in different files formats such as PST, EML, MSG, and NSF.

Antivirus Scanning of Email Folders in the Filesystem
An antivirus may also slow down the speed of Thunderbird. Therefore, you need to configure the antivirus to exclude mail folders of Thunderbird from being scanned.
Note: This option should be used if the email scanned via SMTP proxy of antivirus application for harmful viruses before it is transferred to Thunderbird.

To Sum It Up

Thunderbird is one the important email clients especially when it comes to business requirements. Moreover, its slow working may hinder the work. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations, we have discussed some techniques to speed up slow Mozilla Thunderbird on Windows 7. Users can choose any of the methods according to their requirement.

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