Sony Announces Expansive New 4K TVs

Sony Is part of the new wave of high-definition Tvs and is now looking to get out some impressive models to take out the competition, especially in the 4K department. Some people might find such Tvs expensive at around $2 500, but here we’re going to take a look at these Tvs in more details and figure out exactly why a customer would want to upgrade. Sony is aiming to redefine what a 4K is supposed to do and look like, with some Android and a super-thin format. Such Tvs could become the standard for the years to come, but if you’re ready to pay the price it’s possible to get a taste of the future right in your living room without waiting.

Very thin with a precise image

These 4K televisions will, first of all, be worth their price when it comes to practically eliminating the back section we previously found on most Tvs. We’re not even talking something that looks like it was mounted or anything simply a pure image. For the customers who feel like a wall-mounted TV produces a bad effect in their room when they see the device sticking out, these 4K Tvs by Sony might be the answer. Of course, they will stand as a good pick for those looking to pull off the most luxurious rooms in terms of design, and will improve the look on the wall around that aspect. When looking to pull off the ultimate living room, these Tvs will progressively become the norm. Do we see any CRT Tvs in the best-designed room in houses or hotels? Indeed, they are becoming more of a rare breed, and 4K Tvs are about to become the norm in terms of looks. The measurements for these first 4K Tvs by Sony? A tremendously impressive 0.19 inch thick which will make your Tvs practically invisible on the side of the wall. The image is pulled off through Sony’s promising X1 processor and will be able to display better your Blu-ray movies. Contrast is also improved on these 4K televisions with what’s called X-Tended Dynamic Range that provides images three times as bright with blacks that are also deeper.

Worth the price?

Of course, this price of $2499 announced by Sony is already getting talks around the web, with some debating whether it’s worth to pay the price right now to get such new technology. In these Reddit ( conversations, some state having paid the same price years ago for something that’s worth a ton less today. It’s something totally worth considering when putting money up for a brand new TV model, and moreover technology – the quick depreciation of the thing. Fortunately, it seems like 4K Tvs will be staying around a lot more in the long run than those 3D Tvs did. 3D was something most of us weren’t even sure we needed, and obviously over time the verdict became that those glasses were better off staying in the drawer for a good majority of people.

Android TV

Then, another aspect to consider when buying these 4K Tvs by Sony is the Android TV that supports them. Indeed, we’ve now reached a time where televisions aren’t just about image and sound, but also features. Android TV is an important part of this new interaction aspect, and its collaboration starts with the recommendations it can make based on what you recently watched. This makes the TV experience feel fluid and instantaneous, much like the web would on a website like YouTube. Then, Android TV provides a voice function that allows you to say what you want to search out loud, which can make your TV feels like a Kinect in a way indeed, a lot of gaming console features are making their way directly onto our Tvs and these 4K televisions by Sony will even be able to connect directly with a PS4 controller if you own one, regardless if the console is present in the room or not. Sony is bringing interactions throughout all its latest products wirelessly, which includes its latest game consoles and smartphones. If you go with Sony all across the board, there could be some more advantages down the road. Nevertheless, simply owning an Android phone can allow you to use it as a remote with Android TV through Google Cast makes the feature compatible across a wide variety of devices that’s part of the package. So, besides a better image and a thin TV, you’re going to get new features with Sony’s next generation of Tvs.


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