Solution:  CCleaner Causing Issues on Windows 10

Seeing “CCleaner doesn’t work” on this version of Windows 10″ error in the warning notification? This post is devoted to you highlighting answer to for the same issue.CCleaner is most utilized system cleaning and improvement program accessible for Windows OS. Most of the users utilizing this amazing program on their Windows-based PCs and laptops to enhance the general execution of the system. It accompanies an assortment of valuable features like you can clear cache and Intelligent Cookie Scan, fix corrupted registries, find and erase copy records, uninstall applications, erase previous windows installation and many more.
In many cases, there is one issue bunch of users complaining that they’re not ready to run CCleaner on Windows 10 PC. They got the error in the notice notification which reads:

Furthermore, when users click on this warning it takes users to Download Page of CCleaner. Presently, this is extremely a major issue for the users who frequently utilize CCleaner to optimize the system.

Fixed:  CCleaner Doesn’t Work On This Version of Windows 10

Subsequent to completing an examination of this error I come to realize that there are heaps of users searching for an answer this CCleaner issue. To help users I decided to create this post including the easy fix to troubleshoot the issue. So immediately why not begin reading about them:

Uninstall and Re-install the most recent variant of CCleaner

The dominant part of the users seeing this error when they trying to run the outdated version of the CCleaner accessible for the Windows 10. So to settle the issue, you first uninstall CCleaner from the PC. For that:

  1. Press WIN + I keys to open Settings application.
  2. Click on the Apps and afterwards click on the Apps and Features.
  3. On the right side, look down until the point when you see “CCleaner” click on it and after that click on the Uninstall button.



As you have uninstalled the outdated version of CCleaner from the PC. Presently you have to reinstall the latest version0 of CCleaner. For that:

  1. Visit the official site of CCleaner and download the latest versionof CCleaner from here.
  2. Run the installer and take the guideline to finish the installation.

As you have installed the latest version of CCleaner on the system you will never again notice CCleaner doesn’t work on this version of Windows 10.

Note: There are users complaining that they downloaded the latest version of the CCleaner when setup isn’t opening. To settle this issue users can rename the setup file to something like CCleaner or related.

For instance, when you download the setup file it is named as “ccsetup535.exe”. To settle the issue you can rename it to CCleaner or something related.

That’s it!

On the off chance that, despite everything you’re getting a similar notice in the warning notification, at that poi,nt you can have a go at introducing the trial variant of CCleaner Pro. You can snatch it utilizing this connection and assume if this fix the issue. In the event that Yes, at that point chances are high that the organization is compelling users to download the pro version of the CCleaner.